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The driver's door will not close. What can I door to release the lock?
I was at the mechanic shop that was fixing the borsch on the right wheel side of my 1996 Avalon when his apprentice working on the car came in and told him that the ABS light was on. Can I hold the mechanic responsible for this light?
it was doing this on its own and all the lights would flash like the P R N D what could have caused that
Noticed a week or so ago it was idling funny revs up just a little & down. Then last night it start making a strange noise as well as kinda jerking when I tapped the breaks to slow down for curves etc. This morning it stalled once when I first put it in reverse so I put it back in park & restarted it...back out of driveway & stop at my mailbox. Before I could get back in it to drive off it killed again. What do you think the problem is & is it safe to drive for today until I can get it into shop to be repaired? It has a little less than 55,000 miles & was last serviced 10/10/12.
When I use either the air conditioner or heater I get a very loud vibration/noise. It still heats or cools, but so loud it can be heard outside of the car. What is this? I tend not to use it except for a minute or two at a time, then turn it off. This happens EVERYtime I use either and starts within 15 seconds of turning them on.
it had a blown head gasket so i got that fixed and got a new crankshaft positioning sensor and i drove it for about 2 hours turned it of then tried to start it again but it did not start so i waited about a hour and it started fine
It usually only happens when you hit the brakes or stop. What will cause this? I have had it checked by a mechanic and he says there is no reason for it.
this morning the car was not starting at all.what do i need to do as it shows on the dashboard low oil pressure.thank you
a diagnostics test at shop said misfire cyl 3. I replaced that spark plug, the second one back on driver side if looking from front of van, but it made no difference. The plug seemed just fine. My question is 1. Would changing all plus helped? 2. What should be my next course of action in my quest to diagnose this issue? 3. I only ask cuz while in reverse I hear a funny noise like its struggling. Could the "missing out" I'm feeling at 40mph and sometimes on accelerating from stop be a symptom of transmission issues? thanks in advance for any help.
2003 Dodge Ram 4x4 5.7 Hemi
Couple months ago, the engine light came on and the truck fine. 3 weeks later, the truck started surging and chugging. It would even die sometimes. The check engine codes were PO139, PO132, PO157, PO171. Then 3 weeks later we are still having problems. I still have those 4 codes and these 8 more: PO201 all the way through PO208.
I have a 1997 nissan pathfinder and my ABS light is on and is causing a grinding type noise under the hood. this noise only happens when the light comes on is draining my battery, any idea what is causing this noise and how to stop it? thank you
I have a whirring(if that's a word)/rubbing sound everytime I step on the gas. AAMOCO says I need a new transmission. Another mechanic says the can rebuild or give a new one... Should i just go back to Nissan for a diagnostic testing. They charge just to look at the car!
In my opinion this car is too young for a transmission problem? How could this have happened?
There is 60k miles on the car, I do not know what has already been done to this car because it is my father's. The car will gradually drift from one side to another when going at a fast speed. This happens while driving at all times. It drives unevenly and feels like a tire pressure is much lower than all of the others, but the tire pressure is 35-37 on all. No check engine light. No warning lights. This did not happen all of the time, I go to school downtown and I think a pothole caused the problem. No accidents. I drive this car 35 miles a day Monday-Friday for school. And there are potholes downtown and they are impossible to avoid. I go over them every day at a slow speed. I have gone over one at a high speed maybe twice. Another time the steering wheel shook once back and forth at the same time my front end of the car was shaking back and forth violently and this happened at a slow speed 35 mph-25 mph. The steering wheel once shook when I was stopped as well. Please help thx
It is a 2008 chevrolet silverado 1500 with a 4.8L V8 with a automatic transmission. What is the operating temperature of the transmission?
Car has 218k and running great. well maintained. noticed the rear wheels (solid axle) are cambering in (almost like the axle is weakening), so the tires are wearing the inside edge. with a solid axle, dont understand how this can be happening! what a bummer. any fixes out there? shim the drums? replace the axle? I am trying to get to 250k! Thank you in advance.