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there is a choice between a 9v battery saver and a 12 volt
battery saver.

had the ig. controll checked and was OK, the car ran fine until then

dads a korean war vet lost home need to move truck
please help

Plus, I know that my gas mileage is WORSE since new sensors and now has a terrible noise when accelerating, which it never did before they messed with these sensors. I know they overcharge me now and I look up prices myself before allowing the work. This is a local repair shop, walkable to my home and convenient for me. Newest is car died and they say fuel pump needs replacing at an est of $650 and my friend said Advance Auto has the part for $198. HELP? Am I being taken? Again?

my 2000 expedition was working fine until i stopped at a stop sign one night. when i pressed the gas, the truck moved forward very slowly. it could not make it up a very small incline so i stopped and put it in reverse. it worked fine in reverse. a few days later i tried to move it backwards and it would only go forward. it went back and forth a few times between going only forward one day and only reverse the next. Can it be repaired or is it best to but a refurbished transmission

But when i try to turn key to start, it has no resistance and will not start. How can i hot wire it to start?

I bought the car with this problem and cannot find why it does not pull or go in reverse. I mean it does nothing! previous owner says it went out all at once without any warning sighns .The fluid is clean. its full ,,and overall its in excellent condition .Is there anything that could make this happen that I can check?

before car died battery light was on car died then started after 10 min then died again now cranks no spark have fuel and injection pulse

If does how often need to replace and how much cost?

about a little over 3 weeks ago my dashboard lights started to dim when I pressed the breaks. Then I noticed that when I tried to use cruise control with my lights on, cruise control would't work? Lastly my engine light just came on. Though it might not be related, what could be the cause? Toyota Yaris 09, roughly 64k miles, oil change up-to-date, previously had an inspection that came out good. Though I have not had the recommended 60k maintenance (coolant flush,etc.) and I have taken 3 road trips (300mi+) within the last 2 months.

It just popped on suddenly and

stayed on once the truck started.

now it wont start it clicks but wont turn over any ideas?

what would cause this problem

Car has 71k miles and has been kept up. Car lived in new Hampshire until in Nov 2011 I brought it to VA Beach. I went to work one day, got done with to go leave and car would turn over but not start. So left it over night went back the next morning and it started. Drove it home parked it, went to start it the next morning would turn over but NOT start again. Messed with a few relays but they are ok. Starts intermittantly, mechanics say I should bring it to Volvo dealer, they suggest it could be fuel pump or computer, any clues?

The coolant will only flow to the radiator when I remove the radiator cap. The engine is losing coolant but there is no evidence of a leak in the hoses or the radiator. I suspect the intake manifold or head gasket. The radiator is bone dry after even a short trip to work and back (10 miles). The resevoir remains full until I open the cap on the radiator, then the coolant flows freely.