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Any help on how to replace?
When I set the control for heat, nothing comes out. When I set it for cool air, again nothing.
I have to turn engine off for few seconds and then turn it back on.
I have no power when I hit the gas and it does it frequently.
will this cause the theft deterrant (vats) to keep car from starting(starter desabled)
The only way to exit 4 wheel drive and get back to 2 wheel is to unplug tccm under seat.Buttons used to flash like crazy ,but now the 4 wheel high only lights up when tccm is pluged
car in great shape. only has 48,000 miles. was taken car of. gas gage is not reading accurate. I ran out of gas and it said I had a full tank! low gas light didn't come on. is this a manufactures defect? will gm fix for free?
my car shakes when speed is between 80-120 km the steering wheel and the car shakes, i made wheel alignment but still the same , any help please?
need to see diagram of transmission check and fill
i just got it a couple of days ago and so far i noticed the driver side power door lock dont wanna work not even the key wants to work so what can i do to fix it
Can you tell me what suspension part needs to be replaced?
I have only 4025 miles on the 2002. Garaged most of the year. What would cause the fuel pump to go with not being used????
parking problem, struck high curb and damaged bumper/undercarriage (plastic)
I noticed the seat belt restraint does not tighten up.
I have a 2000 Buick Lesabre that needs all of the following; new front control arms, new rear lateral arms, ac clutch barring compression, rear brakes, rear calipers, muffler, bushings and coolant elbows. I would like to find out what is the minimum that I could get fixed right now and drive with, or are these all major problems? If only a couple need to be fixed,what would be a cost estimate to fix the minimum parts? THank you!
it says service advance track system also.