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my husband has heard it on several occasion but i have not..i always preheat my car for at least 10 minutes whereas he will get in it ice cold and take off...he thinks its something with the throw bearing or something tht sounds like that...i think it does it only when car is it a problem?
p300 codes....302,303,305,306..multiple cylinder misfires..believe bad gas problem cause began a day after i filled up...vibrating and shaking upon accelerating but drives smooth when speed is maintained...idles rough but not stalling...tried seafoam to get rid of gas and gassed up with premium and added another cleaner,..changed 3 plugs...each little step made a bit better but not stopped...engine light blinks now at start up then stays on...
I can't seem to find any of the typical headlight aiming screws on my Accord. How do I aim the headlights?
Witk the fuel rail off, and key on it would not stop spraying fuel out of injector #4. I switched the injector and with the key on and the fuel rail out. It keeps spraying fuel out of # 4 injector again. Since it's not the injector on #4. What else could it be?
I switched the injector and with the key on and the fuel rail out. It keeps spraying fuel out of # 4 injector. Since it's not the injector on #4, is there a chance it's the ECM that is the problem.
Is there a speedometer cable or what else should i search for? When driving 10 or 50mph the speedometer will read 35, and going faster it goes to 0. Where do i start to try to find the problem?
is there a damage in my engine?what should i do?
Problem has gotten worse. the service suspension system light comes on. Smell burning rubber sometimes when I come to a stop.
Took glove compartment off but can't find it.
their are a couple of blowed bulbs. how do you change them or am i going to have to buy a new instrument cluster?
The code that it shows are PO171 bank 1 lean, PO174 bank 2 lean, and several diffent 300 codes that change and is not always the same cylinder.
It is real bad when it is a negative tempertures outside, howerve it seem to be ok when temperatures are in the 20s or higher.
I have change the fuel filter and ran lucus fuel injector cleaner through it and at first it seemed to help but it then turn real cold and the problem came back. I also put a fuel psi gauge on it and it had 56 psi and steady but that was when the temp was in the 20s.
Have you had this problem before? Is it the O2 sensors, fuel regulater or some other part? I just don't want to swap out part I don't need. Thanks
What is VFUEL? In addition the right front sway bar link, differential service, and an alignment has been recommended. Do I really need these repairs? The car has less than 55,000 miles.
Do I need a new fuse or what? The antenna is brand new.
I've had to replace the battery 3 times in the last 5 years. If I start it daily, the battery will have enough juice to start; but, if the car sits and is not started for 3-4 days or more the battery will be completely drained. Car has 30k miles and is garaged 1/2 the year with occasional starts during the winter.
One of the vacumelines is missing on the left side of engine where two of them come out with one pipe facing a little forward and one that points a little to the rear and that is the one that is totaly missing...thank you