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Just had 60k checkup although only had 55k miles on it. Nothing found. Now at 59k, found I need new catalytic converter, y pipe, and there is no after market parts yet. Was told by Lexus dealer warranty ran out at 50k. Looking at $3500.00 in costs? Any remedy with dealer or Lexus? Also had 05 GS, with 130k miles on it, and exhaust system never went out. Thanks. Tim Walker

With steady level of speed, car jerks and also when I try to accelerate, lack of power. This just started today - when I parked and turned car off I got a warning message about transmision failure.

Have replaced battery, alternator, timing belt and disconnecting at a time. Any ideas please? Back windows stuck in upright position also. When the car is turned off it is dead. Thanks

is this the same as an evaporated emmissions leak


low fuel kight comes on guage drops below empty. most of the time service engine soon light comes on.

I can't fing anything online - Can someone walk me through this and how long will it take?

Brake lights are lit whenever the ignition switch is on - and cruse control has stopped working.


I have electric locks when I unlock my doors I still can't open passenger door with outside latch but I can from the inside with door handle.I have checked fro blown fuses but have found none. I can hear a clicking noise when using remote trying to unlock door.

My brakes lights were out and right signal and fog light work sometimes..

has no problem going into gear

It it the mirror switch or the whole motor?

I can't find it again and I think this may be the prob
replaced fuel pump fuse is fine and filter is too

We cannot get it open to undo the child safety lock. It won't open from inside or outside.