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5.8 8 cylinder motor

I am looking for the name and part number of the corner protector that covers the connection of the support beams for the luggage rack. I need black.

As I drive it continualy ticks..No rocks or nails in the tire

I am having intermittant transmission gear shifting problems that disappear and then reappear. What should be the cost?

Do I have 4 strut on the colvo s70


Sometimes the car does not feel right. While driving,(@ 35mph) and the gear is set in D, it downshifts directly to 3rd gear. I will stop, and restart the car, and the problem goes away. It downshifts from D to 6th gear. Is this a transmission problem, or a black box problem? The problem began 2 days ago after 3/4 days of 100+ degrees.

batteries good alternator good whats the problem

Cam sensor code but i put new distrubtor in it.

This car i just bought smells like gas when it is running and the smell comes and goes. Sometimes the smell is strong when you hit that gas, sometimes when your just cruising. But always sputters at quater throttle. Spark plugs look lean. White White White.(replaced) Also replaced everything from the fuel filter to the fuel rail. Please help. I do not see any fuel leaking anywhere. It use to leak fuel at the filter when i bought it, but i tightened the fitting and it stopped. But still has not fixed any of the symptems. BTW, i am in school as automotive system tech so i can run any test that anyone may suggest. Thank you guys for your help.

My car has been having trouble starting for about a week. It will not turn over, and I leave the key on for a little while, and it will usually start. It shows, service theft system, check tire pressure, engine oil change due soon, and check volt gauges. Today when I tried to start it, it wouldn't start. My son jumped it and it started. Also, the A/C kicks on automatically. It hasn't ever shown check engine soon, or service vehicle.

I was Given a price of $150.00 total. Is that reasonable?

Is it replaced inside the car or outside and could I do it myself?

the transmission feels like its trying to go in gear at idle, also it slip when hot when i accellerate quickly

sometimes the brake,abs and traction control lights come on and the front heated seats stop working until the lights go out? how can these be related

Already replaced calipers and pads.