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Ford no longer makes them. Mechanic will repair if I find them.
The green key light is flashing, . Last couple of months needed a jump several times. Finally wouldn't start at all, replaced battery (it was leaking ) , still wouldn't, replaced starter (prior to problem, sounded like it was was going out) . Now it tries to turn over, but sounds like its out of gas (its not) tried both keys, checked fuses. What else?

i've check the fuses and the relays everythin looks find. so i change the computer under right side panel. change the af sensor 2 times, and after reseting the check engine ligh it comes back after 15 seconds. can anyone give me an idea what could it be? thaks.
Had a multipoint check done12/11/12.Found EGR-No Flow Detected.Could this be the cause? The surging is getting worse over the last few months. Need to fix problem.
Had the Idle Air Control Valve replaced in 1995 w/20K miles.It caused a serious lurch at a stop!
when i push it in it just seems to stop doesnt go any futher they are the exact same is there something i am not doing for this to happen
P0171 Misfire/ 2nd Air Sys
P0174 Fuel Sys/ AC Sys
Po300 Compoenet/ 02 Sensor
Even when the defroster is on the windows constantly fog up until I drive with the windows downs. It has become dangerous now in the cold weather.
I've replace the pollen filter. The blower and temp work fine. Is it the recirculation switch or flap under the plastic cowl intake? I took it off the cowl ran the car with the blower & temp on and the flap on the recirculation never move when I engaged it. It moves freely like it is no attached to anything.
Thanks George.
my car runs good for 4 days then the batter goes dead. what kould be wrong with
When sitting at a stop it idlea rough and trys to die and it missesout when driveing down the road. I have put new plugs wires and ffuel filter on it cleand out the throttle body the IAC valve and the mass airflow sensor and had the fuel pressure checkd and it was fine. Im not sure what else to do. I cant afford to take it to a shop can anyone tell me what I can do to fix this problem?
whats the fuel pressure for a 96 chevy van express 1500?
Its only spitting out 15lbs.
vin no 1gtek14voxz530597
It doesn't happen at slow speeds just in 4th and 5th gear and when I take my foot off the accelerator it still continues and even goes faster.
The ac indicator in the car is working fine, however, no air is blowing through the ac. this started last night.
I replaced the O2 sensors, fuel pump,intake manafold, exhaust manafold, exhaust,and now the computer. Still have the same problem lean on bank 1.... What else can it be?