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it only happens now and agian but its getting a little worse think its something to do with the fuel injectors but not really sure.

when coming to a stop...abs light comes on then eventually go out......

When car is under 60 mph and AC is on? When AC is not on or car is over about 60 mph, the noise is not there.

The window comes down crooked and makes a loud pounding noise as if its about to break. The window will go back up smoothly.

has small leak dont want to run out

This happen more often on hot days. We have anew starter just two months ago.

p171 and p174

the problem is for clk 350 2007, any other problems to look forward too? just changed tires twice in 6 mos including rotors.

not the computet sy

When it gets low it makes a tattling noise.

Before i would push the button to open and the sunroof would open all the way now it only opes half way and i have to press the button again to make it fully open, it does the same thing when it closes. Is there any way to reset the sunroof to go back to factory settings?

Will a starter from a 1988 ford escort fit a 1992 mercury topaz.

Wheels still vibrate upwards of 55 mph. Family mechanic thinks sloppy workmanship may be culprit, but should tires be loose after repacking?

no manual, no keyless.

I was driving home from work and my truck started knocking. I puylled over and checked the oil, had oil to full, I was told it was the oil pump by about 6 people, I do not really know, I was also told I had to remove the engine to get at the oil pump I need answers for my problem