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I supposenly had the valve cover replaced. I am beginning to wonder if the job was done. I am at the mercy of the mechanic who did the work. I had a burnt oil smell come from the vents when the heater was on. How would I know if the valve cover gasket was replaced. Should I have it replaced again to be sure. Will replacing the bolts fix the oil leak?
When i go in the morning to the work it is very cold,i turn on the air conditioner in my my 2009 mazda3 but it just blowes cold air instead of hot, i drive about 45min..can u help me identify the problem.
also shows a car with a lock on it symbol on the dash
I changed the cap and wires .. no improvement..changed the pick up coil and the module..I have no spark at terminal 1 & 2 changed the coil ,,still no spark on 1 & 2 what's the Problem ??
just wondering if i can go from a 18.5 gal to a 20 gal or larger fuel tank and how to do it
what is this and how do I fix it
antitheft alarm goes off at times by itself. i just want to dissable it. the owners manual shows fuse 7 to be for anittheft module. can i pull the fuse to dissable it. if not, what do i do to dissable it. i no longer want it to work. the car is 20 years old and i just want it to run fine and it does.1993 lincoln mark viii
Battery seems to be fine all other lights work ,seats work etc
My power window is stuck in the down position.Is there a way that I can get it up manually.
what causes rust on rotors and do i need new ones,will this hinder breaking
I am trying to determine how to diagnose a PO128 error code on a 2002 GMC Safari. I would appreciate any info anyone might have on this
just replaced center carer bearing on drive line
will not shift in overdrive at 60 mile per hour
is it the steering box or above the rag joint. steering gets better after libricating shaft,but only for awile.
Car only has 35000 miles on it. dealer says they lined it up but still pulled. took it back and they put on new wheels and tires. Said it was fixed. Not as bad but still does it!