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I replaced BOTH o2 sensors in my car and the light keeps coming on. I have reset it 3 times. What could be the problem?
They say "Won't pass smog test if check engine light is on"
no lights indicating 4x4 is working
Had dead battery tried jump starting it didn't work put in a friends battery started right up while still running they took out battery and put old one back in didn't let it run very long and shut car off tried to restart car didn't start and blew a 100amp fuse. So got a charged battery put it in same thing. Next step was new terminals got those put them on and nothing but didn't blow the 100amp fuse Now what?
i changed the heat control valve. i got heat for 20 min. then i got cold air and no heat. When i try to use the defrost, the ac comes on
My car is reving and jerking. No matter how much I pressed on the gas the car would go no more than 20 miles and hour, and if I tried to go faster the car would almost stock and the enging reved like I was just sitting still. I pulled into the driveway, put the car in reverse to back up, and then put the car in drive and it continued to go in reverse.
all i have is 3 gears and transmission is loud.roars like it is in low gear, i took a 594 mile trip one way and it stopped working after 500 miles. i drove it on to destination and back home 594 miles in 3rd gear.
i want a diesel engine for my hombre
every other thing is working normal
No air flow from front vents plenty of air flow in rear vents.Thanks Jeff
only when driving n reversing it shakes alot n nothing happens in neautral
When I turn the heat all the way up(90), on both sides of dual climate control system, passenger side blows hot air, driver side blows cold. Apparently this is common, and parts are cheap. I don't want to spend $400 on a $40 job I could do myself.
replaced battery and sams unit but front headlights and directionals dont work...any suggestions??
when i push the button light just flash dont know if it is the swicth or what
my trooper will trun over but not crank changed the fuel filter crank sensor 3 coils checked plug and wires what else can i do