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i look on the ground and see oil spots, i have to put oil in at least once a month . when im driving the car the smell of oil filters in the car
this seems to be more prevalent after the engine heats up and also, I pull a small motorcycle trailer. This van is a con version van and therefore is heavier than cargo versions,
Went to a shop to get a diagnostic done on transmission. Ck engine and Ck trans light were on but I felt no slipping. When I went back the guy said it would $780. When I ask why, seeing as I was quoted $85, He said they did a full diagnostic. One, no one asked if that's what I wanted, two I didn't ask for a full diagnostic, I asked for the computer analysis.I ask the differ, and he says with full diagnostic they take trans out and take it completely apart and check each part. I have never heard of this! I haven't paid yet but trying to figure out what to do. If this is a real thing, what would it normally cost? He is now saying to fix it I need a "new converter, new pump, new valve, and Few kits." Claims the converted is busted and caused everything else to be damaged.
When I drive I push down on the gas pedal and the heat turns off yntil I let off the gas.
It also acts like it wants to cut back when I put my foot on the gas to take off from a stop light.
I was quoted $509 in parts and $406 in labor plus needed alignment at $90.
How do i reset it
I also have no power at all when this happens.I have heard it can be in the throttle body or possibly the brake lite switch not sure how to trouble shoot this?
When driving, either up hill or not, as I depress the gas pedal to increase in speed the gear won't stick into high gear and will fall back down. You can tell by looking at the RPM gage. I have to let off the gas pedal a bit so it can kick back up to the high gear so I can increase in speed. If I depress the gas pedal with increased force, such as passing a car, it will stick. This issue happens more often than not. The car will continue to drive and not break down due to this issue but has been doing this since I bought the car in 2005. Is there a shift clutch or solenoid that is causing this problem? I had my tranny rebuilt in 2006 due to a broken clutch but this issue still remained. It's annoying and time to be fixed. Thanks for your feedback!
i had good compression, good spark. i replaced : new ignition coils spark plugs and wires
turn over greatly,but being told i need engine because saw scrapping at bottom of engine by using some type of camera.
worked fine when i shut it off.
How hard is it to replace?
I am lost..
I have replaced the motor about a year ago. It stopped working mid travel and now makes no sound and won't move.