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any help on what can cause this problem

What is it called what connects the air filter to the carburetor its something made out of plastic or ruber I'm not sure and I'm wondering the name so I can see if I can purchis it at an autoparts its urgent someone help what's it called????

I had two different diagnostic checks done, n two separate days. The codes are P0700 and P0705. Some of the probable causes are: transaxle fault, misadjusted TR switch, open or short circuit conditin, poor electrical connection, failed TR switch, failed or misadjusted TR sensor. What type of repairs and billing am I facing? Thank you.

My beetle drives and runs great, but when I try to switch from R to D or D to P it whines like someone's trying to crank it while it's already crank.

at start up there is a clanking noise that corresponds to the rpm's (ie, louder at low idle, picks up speed with advancement of rpm) but disappears around 2,000 rpm's. It is coming from somewhere along the belt...I can't determine where the problem is exactly, though. any suggestions?

I could not get the key out of ignition. Mechanic said it was a problem with some kind of pin in shift gear lever and fixed it. He said that if it broke again, probably whole gear shift assembly needed to be replace.

I bought my Santa Fe 6/25/12. The hands free was one of the selling points for me. Worked beautifully, except for voice command, for 3 weeks. The bluetooth would not stay on. I took it in to Hyundai this morning. I was told the day before they were having problems with them and would probably need a new radio. The tech worked on it and was still working after 4 hrs. I was told they couldn't guarantee it would keep working due to phones not pairing?? Will a new radio fix this problem or is this common for Hyundai hands free bt radios?

so that air is not in system,for normal operation. and what kind of antifreeze do i use. thank you . ralph

the brake light bar on my 1997 cadillac seville sls works , but the lower brake lights do not. What is wrong?

It cuts out alot and dies if I take off before it warms up ...Does the timing need to be adjusted ?

what exactly do they do in a tuneup other than spark plugs

all lights are off thinking has to be a motor or a part with a winding

How much more will it be for struts?

most common ac leak spot, already replaced valve

brake lights stay on so how do i remove and replace brake light switch