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the tapping seems to be getting worse
when engine is cold, it runs perfectly fine, but once it warms up the engine sputters and likes to cut off.
is there any different makes or models that would interchange easy in my altima? most people say they are several but i dont know which ones would be a good match...any help is appreciated. thanks
what other engines would be a good fit without too much trouble, 2.5 is hard to find.
When my engine is accelerating at about 2500 rpm, I can hear a slight rattling coming from the engine. I can't place where its coming from other than the front half of the car because it won't do it in neutral, only when the car is in gear and moving. It also only happens if I give it some gas. If I really lay into the pedal, it goes away. I was told it might be spark knock, and that I should use higher octane gas, but that had no effect. I am thinking that it may be the transmission or the torque converter. Thoughts?
My "93" bonneville heated up and wouldn't move-coolant hot & had trans. fluid in it. Trans. fluid level was low.
but it works in reverse just fine. whats wrong with it?
but it works in reverse just fine. whats wrong with it?
Have a 2002 saturn sc2 needs a new engine, can I put a 1.9L SOHC in it instead of a DOHC?
the engine intermittently makes a rattling noise when it is hot at idle, usually after getting off the highway. It does not do this all the time but it IS getting worse. Anyone know what it could be and how much it might cost to repair?
I cant get rid of engine light with O2 sensor codes. Replaced both sensors with Honda parts and still get engine light. Read article that says there is a software update for the PCM. Honda dealer says he never heard of it and could not find any info on that idea. Do I just get a different PCM from a salvage yard and see if that fixes it or can you verify a software update for this problem?????
and it stalls if i burp the gas
The mitchell labor guide show 4.5 hours to replace the Chutch Pressure Plate, an additional .2 for the pilot bearing and .3 to remove the flywheel for resurfacing.
$103-$131 makes no sense given what's involved. I look forward to your explaination
now it will not stay runing if i tuch the gas& it will not go into overdrive
service trailer brake light is on in the dash while there is no trailer connected? Tried fuses under hood and in cab, checked wiring at the back no power to the electeric brakes even when you force load it, and turned off trailer tow light on shifter and the service brake light is still on.