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my intrepid popped out the code 0700 they say that the TCM is bad. i cant find it in the manual and have no idea what it looks like or where it is. when driving the car will not shift gears.also if i get one from a junk yard will it need to b programmed?

Cannot get air out of rear driver side brakes

Have replaced all lines and master cylinder,the air on the driver rear continues to get air,can't seem to get all out,no brake pedal at all,help

I had the fluid and filter changed but still shifts hard from first to second. should I replace and what should it cost?

It started out with the esc light and abs lights on. The dealer told me it wouldnt hurt my vehicle but it would fix the lights if I paid 2100. Now whenever it rains, the 4 wheel drive light comes on and the vehicle will make loud noises and shake. Could it be the anti lock brake system causing the 4 wheel drive malfunction?? Right now it happens randomly, but usually when I encounter rain covered roads, and will eventually go off. The other day the steering wheel seemed to lock up, and it was hard to turn.

I know glove box must be removed. Then what?

right front

sometimes idles very low. It has cut out at highway speeds and kicked back in by switching tank switch. 20MPG in town and dies, will not restart. Wait 5 minutes and starts up and runs. Backed out of garage, 10 minutes later it would not start to pull back in, waited 6 days and started right up. Temp outside under 70. Can drive 200 miles without a problem stop and go or highway,then 3 dies in 15 miles.

The noise increases as the speed of the car increases and stop when we are in a large right turning curve.

Was backing up in yard, shut off engine went back to startup nothing happens. Battery replaced in November, oil changed 2 days ago. had to tow to petboys they put monitor on says possible body control problem. How could a vehicle just quit.

we check battery is ok, we check alternator is good,

Car looks like new, inside and out. Is it worth repairing? Just loved this car the last 8+ years!

i have a 2007 lincoln mkx that does not have functuning navigation and radio, the entire light system remains on and all the warning signs reflect error. So what do i do? and if you think its the body control module where is it located so i can have it checked out.


we start car and move to much motor mechnic say is
engine know some place repair engine computer

It was washed with a pressure washer and has sat for 2 days now.