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When idling in park or stopped at a light the temperature gauge begins to slowly rise indicating that the vehicle is beginning to overheat. So far I have found no apparent radiator leaks or hose leaks and the radiator cap is cool to the touch. I can hear the radiator fan begin to rev high when the gauge begins its climb. As soon as the vehicle is in motion the temp drops.
Any suggestions would be appreciated
The pressure drops on right hand turns, and also between shifts when accelerating.
code P0440 evaporitive fule system do I have a blocked line a bad canister or a bad purge selonoid ?

can I fix or do I need a Mechanic?
My Corolla would not start the other morning.It would turn over but not crank.After about 3 tries it fired up and has not given me any other problems.Anybody out there run into this.Toyota said computer showed hard start problem but on code to pinpoint problem.
it. Please be specfic. I'm triing to save money and do it myself. Plus I' a girl. Thank You
check charging system light comes on when driving
It's never near salt always kept immaculate.
Shouldn't have been undercoated to prevent this from happening? What's the warranty on something like this?
I also have to have shocks, "L"springs, etc. replaced.
The brake pads literally fell out. What a disgrace Ford.
The mechanic broke tools removing the calibers. Now that's rusted!
It seems to be locked into 2wd and can't shift when buttons are pushed.
Radiator level is good. Climate control fuses are good. Engine temp is normal.
2003 front wheel bearings on 2003 nissan xterra
My 2001 yukon danali xl is having brake troubles. When I actually push the brake its fine. When I hit the gas it sticks. A burning smell is coming out of the front passenget side tire. Whats really scary is when I parked today I looked at the btire and the brake was glowing red. Whats the problem?
It also turns one click too far and wont start but I also have lights, radio, blinkers, wipers etc. but no gauges
I found 2 external torx under front pulley.Is that it?
when turn the key, only the lights turn on.