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The car is in collectable conditions, has been kept by my father as his little girl, perfect conditions, now the engine is broke and to expensive to repair, only for the emotional value I am looking for an used engine in fair conditions that keep the car running.
cant afford to get it hooked up to a computer
coolant in oil
Is the oxygen sensor covered under the Federal emissions law car has less than 80,000 miles. Toyota first said yes and when I went to make appointment they said no. Check engine light has been on for six months.
I'm not able to understand how to drain or depress the front brakes on my infiniti QX4 model 1997.I desperately need to know how as it can possible be sent,it would be very much appreciated. Thank~You Very Much
Tara Z.

My mechanic says I need a timing chain.
check engine light is on. no increased heat per temp gauge. slight burning smell from the heater vents but no smoke. car is progressively getting worse about needing gas peddle applied until engine is warm or it will die when idle. I just had transmission flushed, oil changed and applied fuel inj cleaner to gas tank multiple times to try to correct this. what am I missing?
it jumps back to 45psi till i hit the gas again. in the morning time when it has sat all night it runs great as soon as it warms up it starts all over again. please help
all other gears work fine. Just no park?
I just had the water pump replaced.That has not stoppped the coolent leak.The heat from the heater is luke warm.
Hello Scion owners
2008 Scion XD
67,000 miles

Has anyone had this problem and had to replace the timing chain? Did the problem still exist after the chain replacement?
My Toyota dealer said it will cost $600 to replace and there's no guarantee that the problem will go away. They state that the timing chain skips for the brief second during starting, but won't effect the engine performance, nor would it do any damage.
The 5 year/60K mile warranty just expired and they declined doing a "Good Will" service.
Any info will help.
It will not go over 2rpms(?. When I run the car and go to the back of the car. The gas sounds fine and then it starts to fade or dead.
Where is it located on my 1998 plymouth voyager?
Seen online if got air in system it would cause this.
how do i detatch hose