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My car had 117.000 miles on it,so i replaced the plugs and plug wires now car jumping in rpms(200-300 rpms) took to a shop says transmission is the problem,did not start untill did the tune up
When I start the engine it rattles loudly but goes away when I am up to speed. When I start the engine it makes the tapping/knocking sound, and gets louder when I accelerate. Once the car warms up, it goes away or can be heard faintly. Once I am driving at speed I can't hear the noise, mainly only at times of acceleration. Is this something that would be worth fixing? I have heard try to sell or trade in and replace the engine. Can this be fixed? Can I fix it?
war is the censer for the fans. sorry for the bad spelling
I started smelling burning plastic from the engine compartment then I discovered the plastic housing is disentegrating due to engine temperature exposure. Bit of plastic are contacting the exhaust manifold. Is there a solution?
new switch but unsure of how to install
a lot out of the pipe the car has been sitting in un heated garage this winter my garage does sweat when warm temps meet cold but I still worry abount the amount of water
transmission shifts fine lock up keeps goen in and out with od light
flashing code p1700
What would you estimate the cost to have this done.
My back doors used to open with the remote control or press of the button but it stopped doing that. I have to manually open it and it is really really heavy! how much will it cost to repair it?
key will lock and open driver's side door
Engine light started to go on after I hosed off the engine. Light blinks on and off. Not having any signs of a bad converter as discribed on the web. Dealer wants to jump right in and change converter, shouldnt we troubleshoot with new sensors first. Autozone ck'd w/ diagnostic, most likely Faulty HO2S, rich air/fuel ratio, lastly was faulty converter
what happens if i continue to drive the car with a head gasket problem.
101,750 miles. In past year, I've had 4 alighments & now all 4 tires are almost balled on outside edge of each tire(rotations done w/oil changes) rest of tires look great. Shocks seem fine, ride smooth, & got 70000+ on original rated tires. Before I buy 4 new tires, what should I have done to fix alignment issues? Have 115,000 now.
Is there a chance that autozone could scan, and reset?? Thanks for any and all suggestions! -Carl.
I first noticed that when using passing gear it would jump in and out of passing gear. I then noticed that in park or neutral I could not get the engine to rev to more than 4000 rpm. I have changed the spark plugs and the fuel filter to no effect. I have no idea where to go from here. I have been told that the rev limiter might be bad, but I can't find any info on that, and I am more inclined to think it might be the PCM? I had the codes checked and it is not showing any. The check engine light is not on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.