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refill refrigerant already added up
I found a leak under my car 2 days ago. The oil was changed a few weeks ago at the Honda dealership
The engine warning light has been on for about a week. Today LOW POWER came on. I turned off car, and restarted after 10 minutes. It worked for a while, and repeated till I arrived home.

with a distint pattern twice a second,mostly with ac on.then it just stops.its like the altenator has low amparage.anybody got a clue?
need to replace my starter but I dont know how to remove it
Begin to. Drag until the car comes to a stop
I have a 2005 dodge grand caravan with a 3.8 v6 and it has 178,000 miles on the body but only 54,000 on the motor and i put a different transmission in it cause i didnt have reverse. I have the following codes and I need to no how to fix the problem-po700,po846,po732,po740. If anyone can help plase and thank you.
the transmission is going bad, can nissan dealership replace it for free
battery is weak
engine misses and sputters when pulling a hill but runs good at high speed
belt keep being thrown off if there is any type of moisture. replaced belt 3 times in 2 1/2 months. when it comes off it tears off ribs. can't depend on it any more HELP!!! I'm handicapped and afraid to go anywhere for fear of getting stuck.
I am replacing my timing chain tensioner, and want to make sure that my engine is still in time.
When I fisrt start the car cold it will die. After a couple of tries it will stay running. This car only has 30,000 miles on it but did sit for about a year without being driven. Once it rund for a while it will sit and surge at idle between 50 and 150 rpm. It has now started getting very bad fuel mileage and I noticed today when I was checking it out that when I take the intake hose loose from the air cleaner housing it sounds like it is gurgling in the tube. I also noticed that if you cover the opening by the maf sensor it will kill the engine even if you just cover it a little bit. There are no lights or codes logged on this car.
The engine in my 2000 forester is knocking. I want to swap it for a 2.5. What is involved in doing this? Thanks in advance.
I would like to swap the shot 2.0 with a 2.5. What is involved in doing this swap? Thanks for any help.