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the car quit had to replace the whole fuel pump. since then the service engine light is on. i had it checked and it revealed that the camshaft position was defective and a evaporator emission leak. this was not happing before i changed the fuel pump. what could be wrong

Automatic shutoff switch for interior lights will dim the lights and then stay on.

replaced neutral safety switch still not getting anything?

i turn the air on full blast but i feel nothing

Checked heater core temp.on hoses in & out and it seems same temp is hot evenly in and out.
with blower working heat-drops
Radiator liguid level OK.
Temp. control-knob & cable seems to be operating can hear damper changing position from cold to hot.
can't find a heater control valve... What can it be????

I do know that o reilly's has the tool I can rent

is that covered by the dealer

l was told it has to be replaced? ls this true?

Now engine is sputtering and recently began knocking lioke metal clinking in engine when started and now that knocking began ----lasting longr after warming up....mechanic I called said check engine oil level...when I did black tarry gunk was at tip of stick...looked like no oil above that....But no oil light ever came on and seller said oil had just been cchanged!

The alternator remains disabled no matter what I do. Can the anti theft system be disabled?

security light wont go out while trying to start van.



i replaced the pads, rotor, and caliper. what should i do next.

Neighbor touched test light (was hot) to a black wire with a green tracer(eng temp?)immediatly shutting down eng. engine cranks but will not start or run. Found I only have power at far back terminal at eng shut off relay and have been told I should have power at 2 terminals. Any idea on what he burned up would be appreciated.