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when car accelerates from standing zero miles, there is a thud sound and a slight jerk as the automatic transmission goes from 1st to 2nd. But at higher speeds, the gear change is smooth.
The car runs fine.
The alert sounds every few minutes. It started intermittently, now it is nearly constant. The dealer says it is a module that controls these items and it needs to be replaced.
The cost to replace is 2,200.00 plus tax. I could replace the 4 low profile tires and wheels for less.
Are there any options and is the estimate fair?
This just started lastnight and has happened every since then but it never happened previously.
Please tell me what that means. the tech says it the IAC
what does that mean?
i have a recently purchased '02 sevelle that will only blow hot air regardless of my settings. no ac at all. any ideas?
When the van sits over night, the first time you apply the brakes there is a noise and a cycling vibration in the brake system. What could be the problem?
new iac,injector treatment,tuned up,fuel filter,air filter but still idles low and have to warm up for 5-10 minutes or it dies at stop light.
What needs to be fixed. Seems like not getting rite amount of fuel, maybe air but runs better with 89 octane. Also, I can kick in passing gear when it acts up starting up a hill, and it will come out of it and go on. No check engine lights have come on. Runs fine unless fuel gets sloshed around like on hard curve, coming to a stop, or starting up a hill, whats wrong?
After changing those thing I have a hesitation before it starts
power locks don't work. all doors don't unlock even the main switch, including doors/trunk closing assist. I check switches & fuses are good.
Is it the turn signal switch? And how much is the average repair cost? If the steering wheel is all the way up no problem. Steering wheel down even a little no blinkers!
anything to repair or replace?
where is the evaportive emission system purge control valve circuit located at
2004 chryler crank and cuts off two times then nothing unhook battery cable then put it back on it does it again fuel strong battery where is the fuel pump relay