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How many hours of labor does this job take?

2000 350 super duty you can drive for three hours and then start loseing speed or power.But you can stop for ten min. start up again and will run fine.I had the tranmission replace but still have same prob.

my cl600 2005 had a busted hydrolic hose after repairing it the car wont go wont go back up

could it be the switch and if it is where is it located

Recently had my 2003 Passat V6 serviced for oil loss and hot oil/burning smell after driving by a reputable local shop. They changed the water pump and tensioners and etc. When I picked up vehicle from that service, the heater temperature control did not work and they had to "burp" the cooling system. Now I've had to add amost a gallon of the Dexcool coolant over the past 4500 miles. No external signs of coolant leaks or no evidence of coolant in the crankcase. Reputable service shop nows says there may be a leaking headgasket that will require 2 days of labor to see if there is coolant leaking into cylinders. Anyone have similar issues?

Car has 90,000 miles and I'm original owner. Serviced every 5,000 miles since new and never had an issue with coolant loss even though it has been changed/flushed at recommened intervals up to now.

New Plugs wires maf sensor cleaned injectors

trying to turn off Maintence light

I have checked each vacuum line and each holds 8" mercury rock solid. all actuator levers working properly. Vacuum from source and vacuum tank working properly. Electric motor on mixing chamber working correctly when cool or hot is selected. Running it threw cycles all functions i.e. defrost, floor vents, dash vents working properly. I have run out of ides, any suggestions would be appreciated.

If crank is that worn wouldn't rod knock?

Has high mileage,did change fuel filter.

how to remove 8ft bed on ram 2500

also changed crankshaft position sensor and belt,now engine won't crank,battery very low tried to jump.

if i wait long enough it will start back up other wise it drives and runs great.

the vehicle has been in for repair of the clock spring three times, each time it effected the dash lights, when the repairs were done the dash lights quit flickering, we have checked for shorts, bad connections, all fuses are in good working order, the front control module and the entire front fuse box was just replaced. but i'am still having the ligjt problem, any suggestions will be welcome.

they stay on after doors are closed