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What does it mean when u hear a whinning or humming sound in your engine?
where is the computer alarm box located on the 1993 bmw 740i
after changing the cylinder the car will not run. the alarm warning light flashes while key is in the there an alarm shut down system in placxe and how do you shut is off.
bought vehicle from dealer on 12/28/13 and the dealer tells me to put air and the light will go off. Did that and the light still stays on.

also, the vehicle will not start. bought a new battery (not even a week old) and the vehicle wont start again. what the heck? can someone please help me because I'm not getting any help from the car dealer!!! FRUSTRATED!!!!!!
i need both radiator hoses replaced and cracked timimg chain cover and wondering what the estimate would be
low on refrig. which it was not low. Had a/c guy check it immedately and the refrig. was fine. But now one can get the computer to turn the compressor back on.
changed battery in july drove over 1500 miles since
its been a month and there are no codes coming up
and still nothing
where the ac/heating control panel in the middle what is that noise
strange whinning sound which I can feel in steering column when brake pressed and almost stopped. mpg gauge is moving to the 0 position. Dealer says that the problem is mpg gauge. Can this be replaced by itself or do I need to replace the entire instrument panel?
P0300=means multiple misfires detected.
P0301=means cylinder 1 had a misfire
P0303=means cylinder 3 had a misfire
P0305=means cylinder 5 had a misfire.

Truck will lose power, burn gas, may idle bad at times. Codes will sometimes pop up when under light load. Lately added some stp treatment and codes will pop up after driving for about 15 minutes.
Also noticed that the transmission/engine will rev up high at around 55mph when trying to accelerate. I have already done a lot of troubleshooting and parts replacement.

Replaced the following.

2.Spark plugs twice with auto lite and champion copper.
3.Spark plug wires three times with autozone duralast wires.
4.IAC valve
5.MAP sensor
6.Purge solenoid -twice
7.Crank position sensor
8. All related fuses to fuel and ignition.
9. adjusted throttle position cable going to [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]transmission[/COLOR][/COLOR]
10. Several tank fulls of lucas.
11. very religious with all fluid changes
12. PCV valve.
13. Air filter twice.
14. distributor and button duralast from autozone.
15. replaced alternator due to a dieing alternator.
16. followed tsb 18-48-98 that pertains to plug wire rerouting several times..
17. Replaced both upstream and downstream 02 sensors.
18. I have read several post and videos and they all seem to take me around in circles.
19.Ohmed out the injectors on the lean bank and they are all about 14.6 to 14.8 ohms
20. I have done seafoam through the brake booster and there were no white smoke atleast not a lot.
21. Replaced with a new cat last fall and had it re-check last month.
22. recently remove the muffler it was falling apart.
23. air temperature sensor
24. coolant temperature sensor
25. coil pack.
26. fuel pressure ok 52 psi.

Puurchased the car recently has driven fine for over a month. Recently drove it out of town about 160 miles round trip and over heated. I think it's the thermostat. Car start runs fine no knocking, but if I fill with water and drive around the neigborhood it over heats.
what can i do when it blinks light on d and doese not move fast at the initial t5akeoff?//
it doese not move at the initial takeoff, and move fast latter
do i have to tear into it deep or can i just replace seal?
I was driving home the other night and out of no where my xterra lost power and i had to floor it to get any power out of it . i drove it like that for about a half mile and parked. Now it wont start. wondering if its really flooded. checked the distributor and everything seems fine. plugs are looking good and have good spark. Had it hooked up to a diagnostics test and the first cylinder is mifiring. we pinched a gas line off and it tried to start but died. And when u turn the key on there is this buzzing noise and im not sure if its under the vehicle or on the back of the motor.