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how would u get a disc out of the radio I believe my wife put two discs in
I think there might of been two put in at the same time
I towed the car to a shop. I wonder how much i should pay for it?
can not operate vehicle
not safe
occasionally its fine. now it will hardly stay running. acts like its not getting gas ??? help!!!!
i have to tap on the gas pedel 4 or 5 times to get it to start up
got to keep tapin gas pedel to get the car to start
The previous owner had informed me of the transmission issue (its an automatic) but I didn't feel a thing. Drove just fine for a week, then it was acting sluggish going into gear...checked fluid and it was low. Added that lucas stuff and it hasn't gotten any better! It will get to 3 rpms before it even tries to shift, if it does at all! help!!
First noticed the light to come on while driving to work. The light came on and then it went off. Took the car that after to get my battery tested. The guy at the auto store told me my battery was bad and put a new battery in. Thought that fixed the problem until I noticed that the light was still going on and off. Took the car to get the battery, starter, and charging system all tested and it all came back normal/good. The battery light however still comes on and off while driving. So what exactly could be causing the problem and if I don't get the issue fixed soon, could I damage my car's system?
was a slow progess of wearing out bulbs then socket and now pigtail connection assembly from un noticed damage in a fender bender, it is my wife's car.
they want me or pick up suv so they can check belt ifeel having a fox watching the hen house????????
Is there any picture that you could share to me because I can not pin point the location of the oil leak on my ML320 & I maintain & repair my own
Is t?here any sensor under the oil filter
heater core is getting hot but insidde blowing cool air
I push the button but it doesn't seem to shut off. It just started doing this. Is it a faulty switch in the shifter?