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also when I go into 5th and 6th gear to accelerate more there is no power and car shudders
heater and AC work, panel just doesn't light up
Water pump appear to be leaking.( See antifreeze on the ground under water pump side of engine) Also, do I need to remove the timing belt in order to replace the water pump?
driving to cal. in new mexico car slowing down going up hills
How do I get the tension off the belt and what is the best way to do that?
emission test showed gas cap fail 2 times then pass..other fail was showing Check Engine light on when it was not...
I had previously taken gas cap off to make light come on to ensure working then disconnected battery to reset and make light go off...was no code light on before and none on now but runs a tad rough @ idle...happens cold or hot..changed plugs & wires & pcv & air filter and idle still a tad rough...thanks in advance for your help...

when it shifts out of first gear it stops moveing until it almost stops and then goes back into gear
Honda 202 civic ex 118,000 miles, code # P0138
Fuel system faulty secondary HO2s12 short circuit,
RICH CONDITION ,heated oxygen sensor bank1 sensor 2 circuit high voltage
I,m aware of it maybe be, sensor to be replaced
the car did run slow and did stop all together during driving., and P1298 electric load detector and failed ECM I need to pass mass. inspection in march. Sould I take it to a honda dealer or a shop? $ What is your suggestion ?
runs down I tested by removing the negative cable while running and the car still runs so it isn't the alternator. Everything seams to be shut off when I turn the car off so I don't understand why battery keeps loosing a charge after a couple of days while it sits
Replaced the fuse for the turn signal and it still don't work.
i notice this happens shortly after the 4wd has been engaged for the first time for the winter, while driving the gauges will go out..this includes the fuel gauge and temp gauge.. then they will come back on .. mostly after a brief time after the car is shut off and has sat for a couple of minutes
My engine light is on.
I check the blower motor I cleaned out the vent with leaves under the hood the car is still blowing out cold air the

c oolant level ok but should replace coolant. think this is thermostat. anything else to considered? 107500 miles on veh.
When I start my car and put it in gear to drive, a light comes on. It looks like a face of a stop watch or maybe a light.