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just started to come on last night

The driver's rear window unlock switch indicates that the windows are indeed unlocked for use.

OBD II code reader says I have an EVAP vacume leak (major and minor), and a MAP sensor problem. Also says one cylinder is running lean. I changed the MAP sensor but no change. This problem only happens when engine is warm. Idle is also erratic

will not show any code. what would be the most common problem?

fuses good,battery good, terminals clean.

AC/Heat unit blowing all cold heat.

had a dead battery and was told the owner wont spend another penny to find out what was the wont idle correctly problem. new battery drove it not be able to raise the idle higher than 2k rpm and the check engine and abs light came on code p1543.

I have changed my fuel pump and ignition coil. Took off the distributor cap and something was loose on inside cliped it back in didnt start right off but then ran great for a lil while then shut off again.

Speedometer does not hold steady, moves up and down, light flickers on off shifter. Right front head light not working. OK with brights on.

Every so often--more often than previously--the engine light says "add coolant"

In 2009 i had the Engine oil Filter Housing unit Gasket replaced,My car is leaking oil,and i was told i have to replace the Engine Oil Housing Unit Gasket again. I was wondering is this possible to have to replace this item again so soon?

I have a 2008 Honda City ZX Model (India). recently the check engine light started glowing. during the cold start at the time of starting the engine all lights goes off, however when the engine gets slightly heated and the Blue CF engine lights goes away the check engine yellow light comes on. After covering approx 3-4 kms when youagain turn off the engine and restart the check engine yellow light disappears and never comes backuntil the vehcile is again back to a cold start. what could be the issue. is it something major or minor. what could be an approximate cost

during opperation interior lighting and tilt steering activate on their own. like it is possessed

program error

sluggish shifting and problem only sometimes going into overdrive