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I purchased a used ECU for a 2004 dodge intrepid. Does the ECU require programming for VIN? What happens if ECU is installed without programming VIN? Where can I get ECU programmed if needed?
it has a 3.3L motor
I was making a turn in the middle of the intersection and while i was making the turn the van just cut off and i had to push it out for the road and let it sit for about 10 mins before it would start again. before it started all it did was turn over and turn over but did not connect like maybe there was no spark but after that it fired up just fine but have not drove it since.
having problems turning on. I gave it a boost and took it to the Mercedes dealership. Once there, they informed me that I needed to replace the fuel pump and the gas pump. Did both and two days later my car didn't want to turn on. Gave it another boost and took it to the same dealership. Get a call a few days later saying I need a new engine because one of the cylinders are broken. What should I do? The car drove fine to the shop now they need a flat bench to take it out.
gasket,exhaust manifold, oil, oil filter, coolant,injector seals, and MAP sensor. Still getting 1300 read @ 25mph. this sucks
It stuck on 20* when it's 50* outside, any help would be appreciated.This problem started yesterday.Auto Temp control 4.2 L.

Thank You
i need to ask why my vehicle is not giving me good milage when i fillup petrol someone told me i have problem with gear they told me that top gear is not working when i drive my vehicle gear shifting is perfect but top gear is not working they say may be have problem in gear shifting sensor how i can fix this problem i need best soloution .
Intermittently, the car stalls while idling or at start up. The car will turn over, but typically will start again only after I have put in neutral, then rock the vehicle a few inches! This usually happens after driving a short time, shopping for a brief time, then getting back in the car. One time it died while I was driving and I had to have towed. However, this was before I realized the "trick" about "rocking the baby".
this is the first time this have ever happen.
insterment panel stay s lite up on transmition display shift
Awhile ago, I shifted into 2nd gear and the right (when looking from the driver’s seat at the gearshift) transmission linkage cable broke, leaving it stuck in gear. I have replaced the cables, but the car remains fixed in 2nd. The levers on the transaxle, particularly the right one (when looking under the hood, which is connected to the left side of the gearshift when viewing it from the driver’s seat) doesn’t allow for the proper range of movement to shift into any gears, except maybe 3rd or 5th, or even neutral. The lever seems unable to move forward enough to allow for the gears to engage. Is there any way I can free the lever to allow for movement,such as taking it out of gear, and do I need to get into the transmission? How would I go about fixing the problem (in detail please), or is it necessary to take it to a mechanic?
I did have to change the fuel line to the injectors and I think that's what started the light.
it really bad? I had a leaky fuel line replaced a few months ago and it's been on ever since.
I have checked fuses and bulbs they are fine why are they not working?
It seams to handle Better if the trac light is not light.