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blower works but the female connector has melted through the plastic and melted rubber around wires

The clutch pedal went to the floor, and it won't release properly. If you jiggle the pedal it will come up, and if you very carefully depress the clutch, and press on the throttle, you can shift into first and second to make it home (didn't try third, etc. it would have been going too fast). Of course, once you stop by depressing the clutch and brake, you have to start all over again.

smission. I looked up fuel injector possibility and it described what my jeep does.

Also blows cold air on passenger side when defrost is on

what is causing problem?,,the rest of the day runs great

using too much gas

can,t give you any thing more

I am sure that there is a drain path that has become blocked as I have parked the car outdoors close to a tree over the last 8 years....I am trying to find where the drains empty so that I can attempt to unstop them. Where can I find documentation or schematics on drain paths / water removal paths?

Lite comes on after driving 1/4 mile. Now I'm afraid to drive it. 1) can I drive as is for about 3 miles to mechanic?
2) OR should I just have it towed to mechanic?
3) OR should I have tow truck fill it with antifreeze &
then drive it to mechanic myself? Thanks for help.

we changed spark plugs, we change ignition control module

the gauges and lites goes crazy when going down the highway but doesnt lose power. now it wont start. cant find model on list but its a pasco

the problem occurs mostly on rainy damp days the dealer said it was code 0442

i got a code p0304 witch is miss fire from the spark plugs i just replaced all plugs and cords and it is still there what should i look for to know why the plug is not firing properly

I've got 150K miles on my 2006 Tundra. I've had the transmission oil replaced early on with some type of very slick Ford product, and had some wheel bearings replaced within 10K miles. Other than changing the oil every 5000 miles, that's it. Oh, and I changed out the spark plugs a couple of months ago. Anything that you guys would recommend? The truck runs perfectly.

My blue indicator light is on once I turn the low beams(LB) on, the switch for high beams(HB) won't do the "click into place" action. I have to hold it to get the HB to work. Not to mention my left light shines on the houses when I drive by. (I heard soemone mention alignment issues) Also when I put the HB on it is as if the right light goes into LB (as if the high and low wiring has been switched) and vice versa when the LB are on. I often have people "flash me" when I am in LB thinking I am in HB. My blinker on the right is out and I did see that the socket itself was burned out (that is as far as I got, a lil nervous to fix on my own even though I bought a new socket) I appreciate your answers.