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I turned on a street. The steering wheel was HARD to turn. It glided a little way and then stopped. The car wouldn't get gas.What could be wrong?
misfire code p-1345
installing new compressor
bore diameter/outer diameter/width
After driving sometimes the engine will develop a ticking noise from the top. It will get progressively louder to the point where it's quite annoying. Then out of nowhere it will go away. It comes and goes with no warning and I cant figure it out. I run 10w-30 mobile 1 full synthetic and change the oil every 3000 miles. Car has total of 163xxx miles.
started the engine and let it run for about 5 minutes
QX begins to buck, backfire and lose power when driving in hot weather. What could be causing this? If you pull over and turn vehicle off and wait a few minutes, problem seems to resolve itself temporarily. This problem has occurred twice since I have had the vehicle and seems prominent to hot weather and driving distances 1-1/2 hour or longer. The first time, the vehicle actually shut itself off that I needed to coast to the side of the road.
when i put in a larger fuse every thing works for a minute then some where under the engine on the battery side begins to smoke.
My car makes a sound when I unlock it with the wireless key remote. It's getting louder and very annoying. I've taken my car to the dealership twice for this problem and the service advisor told me the tech cannot locate the problem. This is not normal. It started out happening first thing in the morning when I unlocked my car. Now it's happening every time I unlock my car. Grrr!
I have a gmc Sonoma 2.2 a/t. is it normal for my a/t to keep down shifting on small inclines all the time?
tranny fluid correctly? A local Toyota service dept. told me this. They said its the only way to do it right.
I am thinking it might be the starter but how can I know for sure
cadillac dts 2004
cadillac dts 2004
When should I have it replaced again