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There's a shorted or loose wire in my Jeep that causes my radio and dash to cut out a lot. It usually happens when I hit my brakes. I think it's the antenna wire but I have no way of knowing. I want to get this fixed, but if its going to cost me a ton then ill just deal with it myself. Thanks!
My indicator light came on the dash. The fluid was ok so I took it to my mechanic who told me that it was the coolant indicator.I was told the sensor was in the overflow container. I paid $45 for the part and 45 for the labor. The light was still on so I was advised to take it to the dealer who told me it was the washer fluid sensor, so they have ordered the windshield washer container which has the sensor attached. They said they would drop the $95 diagnostic charge and it would cost me $145 to replace this part. I really have been through hell for this. Am I being ripped off again?
Love my truck 128,000 miles never even had a tune-up still runs like a champ, very little needed in way of maintenance over the years, but now I’m having a problem putting the truck in drive or reverse once I’ve stopped and had it in park for a while, trans fluid is at level when I do have in drive everything is okay, what can it be…..
i can't find a leak anywhere. it was suggested to me that it may be a fin or something that cameloose in the catalytic converter. setting still racing the motor it won't make the noise, but when the engine is cold and under acceleration you can hear it. it runs great but makes that noise. any ideas?
a 7.5 am fuse in line with the red w green strip wire will burn out, but a 15 am fuse will not. the harness and green with red strip wire to the brake switch harness starts to get hot with the brake switch engaged. is this a common prob. and what is the fix? is there a short in the shift actuator?
just replaced the throttle body on my car but the transmission light is still on, how do I reset it?
What type transmission fluid does the manufacturer recommend for automatic transmission?
It is an automatic transmission.
1666 clk 320. Do these keys need batteries, if so how often, and how to replace?
im getting code p2074 manafold absoulte pressure/mass airflow
throttle position correlation.
where is the map sensor located
Will not start after my husband unplugged the radio components to hook up something to my radio. Only makes a clicking noise and security lock is flashing or illuminated.
Where would I find this switch and how do I fix the leak?
battery died after leaving lights on now I have 5 not ready codes
When I turn off parking/head lights during the day,dash light go off. At night when the head lights come on automatic my dash lights work fine.
Was driving great cut off but want crank back up now