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When I start up a hill it is worse than otherwise but it is there when I take off
It shuts down like the engine is not getting fuel, almost like the security system shuts down the fuel system. I have replaced the crank shaft senor and that did not solve the problem. There seem to be a low resistance across the ignition wires, could that cause this problem? Any suggestion of what the problem could be.
Shift it into any gear what could the problem be?
Tik tik sound goes faster and slower as the car picks up speed or lower speed.The sound does not happen all the time.When the car is could the noise is quiet.
When i put the car in drive and push on the gas pedal it feels as if the brakes are applied and car doesnt want to move and if it does it only goes so far and then its like the brakes are applied.
after putting petrol in it said i had 83 miles in it following day after doing 28 miles it said i only had 14 miles left put more petrol in and it didnt move to start with and light is still on but says i have 36 miles and i have tried finding how to get codes for the mazda too but dont know where to get them from can anyone help please dont fancy running out of petrol in the middle of nowhere
2004 Tribute Stalls at startup, low idle after opening throttle for 2 mins, dies intermittently after that idling under 500 rpm. It will run for about ten minutes very painfully like that unless i keep the throttle open, then it'll jump back to life randomly. The stalling only occurs when the engine is cold, and the engine usually runs mostly normally (idle around 750-1k rpm, so a little low) for the rest of a day or so.

I've taken the idle air control valve off to clean it, and it was already very clean. My parents just gave me this car about two months ago and the check engine light has been on since then (oxygen sensor issue). Also probably important, the fitting on the engine block for the EGR vacuum line dryrotted and broke completely off in the last two or three days at some point, and I discovered that when this problem first started. I have since replaced the EGR fitting.
Corolla 2005 model engine 1.8 4 cylinder gcc model poor pickup and when giving sudden accelarator engine light appear and disapper and not getting rpm more than 2000. But slow accelaration geting engine rpm up to 5000 . Maf sensor replaced new one .no any. dtc storing in ecu. Please give me good advise.
I have a 1989 Chevy caprice I have replaced the steering column and the starter and for some reason the car won't start I have also replaced fuel pump, all computer chips and ignition module, I really need some help so if u could give me some advice on why the car won't start I would appericate it.
check engine code reads bad o2 sensor and fuel vapor canister
car was running fine then while at gas station i pumped gas and tried to start it. no dashlights and it wouldnt fire. just turned over. after 20 min. the lights came on and it started. next time i killed it it did the samething. my ac radio lights do come on tho. whats wrong?
the knocking noise in the engine is messed up i first noticed the knock when i would turn the steering all the way to the right or left only then it started knocking all the time at idle but if i turn the distributor i can make the knock go away when retarding or make it constant if i advance it but when retarded and driving if i give it a lot of gas it will knock when the truck shifts between low and second when the r.p.m. drops it never did this until the timing gears went and i replaced them and had to remove the oil pan to clean it also had to pull tranny to remove oil pan when i was done it ran good at first then it would not down shift when taking off so i would have to manually shift to low 2 to take off but that has since stopped and the knock started about a week or 2 after
does not spit and sputter just shuts off
I use Mitchell 1 DIY service and no where in the manual and procedures on line does it refer to this sensor. Especially not in the Electric Component location tables. Is it the same thing as one of the O2 sensors? Thank you.
The seal on the other side is very loose & ready to fall off too.
Should I just slip it back on? Glue it? Take it in for repair? I don't think it will stay in place unless it gets attached somehow.