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my a/c clutch is engage all the time like when i have the HVAC it there off or i on plug the high or low pressure switch the clutch it still engage but it just turn off when i unplug the a/c relay switch or shut off the truck
when checking it out i have no pulse on that injector found bad wiring an replaced it an still same thing so on to replacing pcm with a reman an still same thing did i get a bad reman pcm or am i still over looking something any info to this would help
Engine won't start, anti-freeze in the oil pan no white smoke.
how can I tell if it is just head gasket or if it is something worse? 1989 Chevy G-20 Van.
when I leave for work its fine . when I slow down to get off the hiway. stop to turn the moter starts knocking. I think its the rocker arm. so I want to check them.
batterys are fully charged ther is juice to the starter but no juice to inside of truck
my engine vibrate when brakes applied to slow down the vehicle
the transmission shifting and everthing working ok no defectcs in shifting
how long it will run its a none turbo no distributor 2.0 automatic 16 valve dohc
Will air conditioning pump from a 1991 Ford explore it on the 1995 Ford Explorer
Will it fit
How do I repair this?
does not work
Can Auto Zone Put my car on their machine and tell me what is wrong? Maybe if its just the sensor.
This happens after I've driven the car, then park it for a few minutes. When I try to start the vehicle a few minutes later, then all I hear is a single clicking. Do you think it's the starter or what? If I sit for a while, then I have been fortunate for the vehicle to start. Any ideas as to why this is happening?
it is not wet up by the dash board but on the floor boards both front and back the seal around the doors are fine and the door shuts fine also has not been a wreck the window was up have not used a/c or heat please help