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now that i got key car wont start?

p0014 and p0011 codes

when this happens of course the steelin wheel lock very scary. today it cut off 3 times please

all four wheel on the ground it fell lick the transfer case is still on 4 hi

hfter that grrrrrr My brake pedal vibrates

checked frame can't find it

The lights stay on in all shifter locations

Radio comes on but there is no sound

The radio does everything it's supposed to do but there is no sound

I'm also looking for a decent auto shop in the area that won't rip me off but isn't shady.

replaced fuel pump/filter, now van won't start. getting spark and fuel to engine. someone said that the security system needs to be re-set, but unsure of correct sequence of events needed in order to do so.

What to do my battery is new don't want to drain it.

There's a clicking noise coming from behind the dash on the drivers side. It's a standard but it won't even roll start. Drove it to destination but when I went to leave was when it wouldn't start and the clicking started.

How do I open the trunk now?

I have replaced the back brakes thinking that would fix the problem but it still continues to happen. It drives fine but as I am driving it will start binging and then all the braking system and towing system lights will come on and stay on.