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the light on my frontier handbreak is out , were do i find it to replace the bulb?

i have checked fuses under dash

Where are after market batteries for this car sold?

steam was pouring out the left side of the motor

This was recommended when I brought in my car for oil change and for a recall.

My grandmother has a 2005 Ford 500 that she bought new ,has 95000 kms on it .
It very suddenly became hard to steer ,I checked fluid ,seemed clean and was full .The pump is quiet and car does steer from lock to lock ,just with an increased amount of effort ,seems as though it is binding .
Do these cars suffer from the same problem as the F150 of similar year ,where the steering shaft joints seize and cause tight spots in the steering ?
Any help would be appreciated .
Thanks Fred

OK AS OF 4-3-13 the below is correct with items that were done on the truck.
I am just driving straight it doesn't happen when I am accel just going 30 mph and lower and it's warm outside. I had no noise all winter long this week-end it was 40 and I was popping all over the place. I have a Manual trans. all items done on the truck are: tie bars,bushings, strut and shocks, brakes, greasing of ball bearings but this all started when they did the brakes and they the other stuff with it. Never had any noise prior to those things being done. They have checked and rechecked all work done and just can't find the issue. Someone at the Jiffy Lube oil place said something about the shocks or struts not being placed correctly and that something about cutting or grinding off the factory rivets and lowers and press them though something and borrowing the spring compressor replace both upper and lowers. Oh and the only people who have ever worked on my truck are from the Chevy dealership. they don't know what lift running gear is but all joints are perfect accordoing to them. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME IDEAS AS TO WHAT THE PROBLEM IS! PLEASE this is driving me crazy!!!

cruise control will hold for a while then stop.I was told that i will need an acturator module. What should this cost?

It was working fine and just suddenly stopped working. I tried the power window control button on the driver's side door that also will control the passendger door, and it will not open the window either. I even tried running a credit card around the window to see if it was stuck, but had no luck. Don't laugh, but is this something an older female can fix?

I turned a corner and the car slowed down and would not shift gears. I stopped and turned if off and since then it will not turn over. I was told it was probably the transmission. It has 165,000 miles and everything else is in great working condition.

Is this a oil change reminder and if so how do you reset

please gine me details

Actually a 1987 325e but question/answer likely generic. ^
6 months old battery won't charge/hold a charge; have to jump start. Battery charge voltage with engine running is 13.6 volts, Discharge current through disconnected negative lead with car not running is 1.4 amps. Is this normal or do I have an issue? If it is normal do I need a new battery?

Thank you very much.

I have a Auto Computer Diagnostics not just a can reader the mass air flow reads 0.6 at idle and I run it up to 2000 to 2500 rpm it shows 1.4 to 1.6 so do you think that part is bad?? I do have a code P0113 that is telling me the air intake temp side is bad on that part of the MAF ,but no check eng light ,will that cause a misfire like on number 8 cyl and or others at times but not all the time and real bad gas mpg,I do have a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer Premier 4dr SUV 4.6L 8cyl and I'am having a real problem finding this part the ford dealer's don't have it or show a part number for it as you know mercury is no longer ,do you know where I might find this part and or part number I have pulled it and cleaned it with a MAF cleaner but its a no go can you help me thanks

His car will no longer go into 3rd gear, and getting hard to go into 4th gear.. Has been looked at my? people. - one seems to be able to figure out. Some say whole new tranny, few have said not a whole new tranny. Any advice , suggestions ..etc?