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I know its overflow line. Should water come out like a faucet running?
The oil pressure is low at idle but increases when moving at higher speeds.
I live in the Northwest Indiana area. I am inquiring on the price with labor included for installation of a brand new engine/motor...?
cat.converter. will run for a while then die. a mechanic told me that the gas is running to rich and might be an electrical problem?? any help??
for repairing the timing belt proper instructions
A/C worked fine until my battery died and I had to jump start.
Does anyone knows how to reset the sunroof for a 2005 VW Touareg?
I had the sunroof open for several hours (3-4 hrs), when I tried to closed it did not worked. I opened the panel and manually closed the sunroof.Now it does not open or tilt up.
All the other buttons and light that are in the same panel(reading lights, watch, etc) are working properly.
on a 2004 mercedes s600
I have a 2007 ltz avalanche and the air suspension used to come on for about 10 seconds every time I would start it but for the past few weeks it doesn't turn on and I dont get any warnings that something is wrong. What gives?
I just purchased this as a used car. I attempted to put in A/C Pro refrigerant. However, the car would not take it. I called A/C Pro technical service and was told it is a mechanical problem. While attempting to put in the Freon, the compressor and a/c was running with a full connection on the low port. However, the Freon didn't go in. I exchanged the a/c pro product back to the store in case it was a faulty can but I had the same problem. Please help me what direction to proceed forward. Thanks.
Flickers on and off for a couple seconds then stops for a while then may start back up with the flickering. Just start out of know where yesterday. What's could this be ? It's a new battery not even 6 months old
I can turn the fan back to low or the first setting and wait about 10 seconds then turn it back on high and the A/C starts working again?
I'm pretty sure it's the switch that's the problem, but I need to get the window up for now. I have the switch unplugged from its harness.
Told to drive it so the computer resets but we have driven it for over 500 miles no change to the check engine computer ODB test which stays in the yellow.

Any suggestions?
have stopped working. Is this only repairable at a Ford Dealer would it take a long time. The speedometer works.