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I need to know where it is
I just bought the car from a used car lot and the car was running good and still is but a little yellow wrench came on and I don,t know what means. can u please help me. I need to know as soon as possible
Of the power windows. I recently had to pull the emergency cable to open the gas tank in the trunk and ever since then I have had this problem. I have replaced the blown fuse several times, yet the problem persists. What can I do?
I don't know which way to turn the bolt. Clockwise or Counter Clockwise/
Where is it located. Is it just above the oil filter? I understand that there are 2 of them. An intake and exhaust? The service engine light is on. This came on right after I changed the oil. I do change my oil every 3,000 miles. Help.
the car in in garage. I do not leave windows or doors open.
My husband's optima low beams are so dim, it isn't really safe to drive at night.
I do have power getting to switch because the motor does get hot. I assume the actual pull down bar is seized. What other cars share the same unit?
checked door after locked, this door did not lock and set off alarm
tried doors to see if all were locked, the rear passenger door was not. Set off alarm.
it usually pops every 5 or 10 mins
bad key comes on when I don't tilt the key downwards to start car
I am not getting any air/heat blowing on any setting in my 97 olds 88. I have replaced the blower and that didn't fix the problem. What else can I check?
I fitting a door light when the door is open
The room light wire is short after the
I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4 and I can't any stickers or markings that say what size the engine is. It is either 4.7L or 5.9L.