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Severe shimmy when applying brekes

i think it behine glove box

need help fixing these codes cant pass inspection to save my life!!!

for the past month and a half I have been smelling a gas smell coming from the back of the car, but now the smell seems to be getting stronger and stronger to the point where one time I smelt it in the car. I stopped driving it a couple of days ago and when me and my dad went to go look at it you could smell the smell before you even started it. we checked all under the car for leaks all around the gas tank but we couldn't find any and there was no evidence of any leaking on the driveway. all we know is we smell a very strong smell of gas toward the passenger back side of the car.

the car was already taken apart having trouble putting back timing chain

in idle when you give it gas it sounds a bit rough. can I take it to autozone and have them put a computer on it to tell me whats wrong?

The car started to randomly shut down when idling for to long, now it randomly stops accelerating until it comes to a complete stop and shuts off. Then after about 5-10 mins I start it back up and it runs fine until a few mile down the road the same problem happens. Any ideas?

it just came on today can someone help me

The tachometer jumps up and down while sitting still, from 10 to 30.

For a new remaufactured V6 3.1L engine, does it require retorqued cylinder heads after break-in period?
I did see some real small traces of coolant from the head gasket!

The car will drow when it set for 30 min or more but when the engine is started and the car put in drive.

Throttle decel and restriction occurs when check engine light (open ended wrench) comes on, during "jam" acceleration. First time #5 coil replaced under warranty. OK for a while. Next failure (same symptoms) problem was traced (by computer diagnostics) to throttle control housing assembly (replaced for $1,000 parts & labor). Problem STILL exists, randomly, but resets when engine ignition turned off. Replace ALL coils???

I have had that happen in another vehicle but it may be the heater can I tell? If it is the heater core, does the dash need to come out to replace the heater cote?

I was told the alternator was knackered so have bought new one and fitted it but lights still pulse. I think I need to replace the regulator but don't know where it is or where i get one

No engine light, no noise, changed fuel pump problem still happening.

Thank you.