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A little to none but when i go down a steep hill and apply the breaks the pedal and steering wheel start to shake bad that i have to take my foot off the pedal and drop the trans to 3rd and use lite steady pressure what could cause this problem? Thanks

All of the other lights that are controlled by the light switch on the truck work. I checked the circuits with a probe and showed either a ground or positive signature. The fuses checked out and the bulbs show no broken filaments.

i started to turn the key toward me and then back again like i was going to start the car and it will start sometimes it takes a few times why is this?

and it will start some times it takes a few times why is this ?

when jgnition key is turned to the on position all of the system check lights come on, after engine starts the lights stay on. is this a big problem? please inform ASAP i am doing the deal on Monday, also the AC does not cool i can hear the compressor kick in but no cool air, third issues, on my test drive i noticed that the steering wheel feels stiff, it does not have that fluid feel like most power steering cars i drive, i must tell you that all of the 323I that i drive feels the same, please inform ASAP i don't want to do this deal if these are major problem issues, "costly"

my monte fuel gage is jack up or the float in the fuel tank is bad. I filled up not long ago I put over 65 miles on the tank it has not moved off the full mark on the fuel gage . is it the float or gage?

Before the light stayed on constant, several times ABS vibrated very loudly. With brake applied and without. That vibration has stopped, but light on constantly. Can you direct me to problem? Thank you.

have looked in repair manual but cant find anything for alarm location

After 2 days the lights went off on their own.Since then car been fine apart from on odd occasion when going up or downhill a grey smoke comes from the exhaust.Then clears after a few seconds , no loss of power.....any ideas please for this non mechanical Englishman...thanks.

1. tie rod ends (both)
2. tune up (4 plugs, wires, and 2 coils)
3. valve cover gasket
4. timing belt, water pump, idler pulley, cam seal, and front crank seal
5. right front axle
6. oil change
7. alternator belt(s)- also, what are these belts?

I looked under the car and noticed some oil dripping from the right exhust pipe. what could be my problem.I dont drive the car in the winter.

It will start an run as long as foot is on gas. It has a loud and sometimes not so loud tick on passenger side of engine. It runs very rough, check engine lights for running to rich are on. Mechanic changed the sensor temperature in airflow to no help. All help with this is greatly appreciated.

square box with taller pole on right side there's something in the middle but I can't remember it and it wouldn't come on just now but it came on two days ago yellow and doesn't show up when I click through the computer service information with spark plugs tires etc

stays on while the car is running

stays on when the care is running