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The problem is only sometimes other times it runs perfect. After driving continuously for at least 15 minute it very rarely runs bad if at all. The transmission was changed a little over 1000 miles ago. I have change the fuel filter, fuel pump relay, fuel pump, gave it a complete tune up, used a scanner tp check for codes and there is one p1810 transmission pressure switch and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. What else can I check or replace?

A couple of days ago the fuel gauge stopped working and by that I mean it did not go down as fuel was used (staying on 1/4 tank) and the "Range" limit stayed stuck at 51 miles. I stopped and got fuel and it recovered to full and a 329 miles but it seems to stay there and then all of a sudden drop as if a gallon just disappeared. And then yesterday the tire pressure system started flashing that it was not working. Anyone hear if this is a broad issue or have any idea if they are related?

i know how to tell if regular fuses are bad; but these are the bigger gray colored ones and i need to know about the one for the a/c in the engine compartment fuse block

i replaced the silver box under dash (from a parts yard) blower still not working for heat or a/c; trying to find the maxi relay center to see if that is the problem

How does it happen, when does it happen and how to prevent it.

Deffects on low oil level in deisel engines and deffects on overfilling?

I replaced the bulb in my high mount brake light and it still does not work. Both right and left brake lights do work. Any solutions would be appreciated.

I lose power to the gauges when I turn key in ignition(all gauges-speedometer, tach mpg,temp, and all lights except seat belt light.The odometer and outside temp are on when I open the door but go out when I turn the ignition key to the run or start positions.

brake light don't work at all

my front wheels need to be fixed maybe the breaks and bearings

It will move back and forth and down, but not up. ANy suggestions on how to begin to trouble shoot will be helpful.

This is a recurring problem and has been "repaired" three times in the past month.

f you go forward or in reverse,the car makes noise,but it starts right up,what is that??

It starts up right away!

had cruise set on 60. It sounded like I knocked it out of gear. it coasted to a stop. Now it shifts to all gears but the car wont move,