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I was rotating tires and went to put tire back on, when i did the rotor pulled out and felt like the only thing holding it back was the caliper. is there suppose to be play in the rotor like that?

popping noise when turning corners and hitting brakes

How often should I wax the car?

i am about to replace the starter , im thinking the saftey switch is broke,? the car starts when it wants to ?

Just bought this truck and not sure of its history..

I was cleaning it after my son vomited all over it. If you can help please let me know.

have it welded?

remove and replace rear control arms including parts for passenger control arm and driver control arm

Can I just replace the boot or does steering linkage have to be replaced too?

does this need cleaned? The a/c does not work if the coolant temp gauge is not working.

Problem is worse at start up but never quite goes away.

seems to work fine any other time

Hi guys. To clarify which part I'm talking's the hose assembly that has two parts coming from the radiator and they link up through 'T's to one hose that goes into the motor on the side, I'm assuming that's going right into the motor where the thermostat would sit? Well that hose looks like it had a clean break. My question is multipart. Was this hose assembly glued together? And how do I reinstall it? I was going to buy a new thermostat housing hose system, but it looks no different than what I have sitting in front of me on the car now, at each one of the segments of this assembly it looks as if the hoses were glued together, and exactly at one of those 'segments' the hose has come away cleanly. It is perfectly flat and clean as if someone had cut it clean through. So how is this repair handled? Can it be reglued? Can it be clamped? Or do I need to buy the new piece.

but thd connector is broken. Honda tells me I cannot purchase the connector, but have to purchase the entire wiring harness. Is this true?

It is the 7.3 liter v-8