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Does not stay on and comes on intermittantly.
my heat is blowing and my cintrols aren't working cause my center console wont turn on.
car shifts fine most all the time and then out of the blue it wont shift right? fliud is new and filter, dip stick shows full.
It went back into the engine
Only one fan comes on and not sure if the water pump is working properly. Filled the system less the thermostat and removed the cap to see if the coolant flowed which it seemed to d. I am stumpted
Began suddenly and happens every time I start it.
Don't know any diagnostic codes.
The empty tank indicates any time the tank is filled full. When the service engine soon is removed it comes back immediately the tank is filled full.
had to push car and went to put car in neutral and I cant unless the car is running. Their has to be a way to shift car in neutral while car is turned off
been told number 3 has got a misfire what is firing order thanks john
A/C worked fine before. Now its constant hot air when A/C is on.
Have imported it from another country and the comand controls the clock by GPS. So would like to adjust the clock to my time zone. I can't use the Navi.
indicator light says 2 wheel high, but is locked in 4 high... and now when shift truck into reverse it changes the transfer case into neutral... so it wont back up...put back into drive and it goes to 2 wheel high, but it is locked in 4 high.. the light just says 2 high..
The D and N light have been blinking together for some time now and i continue driving it but suddenly the car just stopped moving
The truck has a little over 135,000 miles, I noticed the leakage about a month ago on my driveway. What am I looking at as far as cost to have this repaired?
for it to shift down and mand want change back I have to stop and turn Key off and it will click like everything shuts down and then I can start it back and it is fine