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I'm hearing a clicking noise from my dash so I need to take the dashboard off to find the problem

Ok heres what I've been dealing with I picked up the car used last august car drove great did everything I needed it to do. About two weeks later I'm driving the car around a lot I'd say after driving for about 3-4 hours without much of a break, the car when the transmission goes to upshift it will hesitate and stutter jerking the car and you can feel it, then it slams the car into the next gear really hard

When u turn the key the engine will turn over but not start, but if I press the gas pedal while doing so it starts BUT if I immediately let off the gas pedal it will just die again. I have to turn the key while pressing the gas pedal to get it to start then hold the rpm at 1000 until it decides I can let my foot off and it won't die, the longer it warms up the better it would run. I replaced fuel filter because I was told fuel pump was fully operational and had the lines blown out, I cleaned the MAF sensor every so often because of know problems. It never threw a code except for 1 day just long enough for me to get it checked for a "bad MAF sensor" replaced it and it seems to of gotten worse. My fiancé drove it to work and back (about 40 miles) and went through over a 1/4 tank of gas. And she just text me and said its just started speeding up on it own, so is it a throttle sensor? It's never done that before

replacing front brakes

On the dashboard the green indicator light on the odometre where it is written economy has gone off, while the orange indicator light is permanently on. what could be the problem.

i replaced my 95 cabrio engine with a 96 jetta

I am afraid car will burn up?

from operating at 14.1 or so. Happens during early acceleration. Battery has been replaced

after replaceingthe belt I rotated the engine twice with no problem ,but the timeing marks did not line back do you know if it is timed right

Cd will go into changer, run for a few seconds, eject and display "error 4"

I ran fine other day then died

Put vehicle in park & turned it back on & everything seemed fine light went off

The egr valve has been blocked for 2 years and it has been running fine until lately. I can reset codes but 1105 and misfire on cylinder 4 keep coming up.

My mechanic told me I need an ECM.Is the (OBD 11)and (ECM) the same computer? If so where would it be located? Is it difficult to remove?

car was repaired at dealership this is all that is left that needs to be done