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I have filled with hydraulic fluid on 2 occasions in the last week. Both times it has disappeared, but not onto the ground or any hoses. Where is the fluid going?
I have been told my car has leaks. But no puddle appear under the car.
Feels like I can't go faster than 20mph.
condenser drain hose is plugged causing water on floor boards passenger side need draian location! is it under the sound insulation?
it hesitates and stutters at lower rpm when accelerating but clears up around 2200 to 2700 rpm.
Trying to get the "engine light" to come off. Have done a run cycle with no success??
Very strong gas odor.
A little sluggish when I first Start the car
Other then that it is running fine.
I was told by Chevy dealership mechanic it would be $2000 to repair. I cannot hear a rattling from a broken bolt and is this a fair price
And how long can I drive with this issue since I do not have $2000 saved yet. What are the suggestions and answers. Confused
gauge is almost in the red zone but doesn't seem to go into it..should the gauge be going up that high?
got a fuel pump replaced by Dodge and since my fuel lines blew off, truck started stalling after a hot start. no check engine light and no codes on the code reader, what is wrong with my truck?
One of them I replaced twice within a month. All are new now except one. Someone told me yesterday when one goes bad you must replace them all at the same time, is that true and what could be causing them to go bad???? Frustrated with my kia
the catalytic converter was removed after it was clogged up, it was immediateiy realised that there was excessive smoke coming through the exhaust and that oil is passing through tailpipe
I have disconnected neg cable and tried to reset with a OBDll scanner,hit reset button but didnt reset this car only has 47689miles on it
So last night when I started cranking the car it makes a God awful grinding noise and it wouldn't start. This morning the grinding was still there but it started. My belief is that it's the starter. Aside from it being the starter and/or the flywheel is there anyhing else it could be?
The blower does not blow