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Check engine light flashed once, car bogged down, then went back to normal while driving. Happened twice. Did it a third time at stoplight and car stalled. 2001 Chrysler 300m.
Was replacing gastank and was nearly complete wen I noticed the wiring had broken free from the quick connect atop the feulpump. Connector housing has numbers (1-5) but the 5 wires are not markd but simply colored. how can I make sure have the wires in they're correct inlet on the feulpump connector plug?
it went on for a few seconds and then turned it self off while drving.
While turning sharply, the 4wd engages and almost stops the vehicle. Seems to be fine going straight forward. Selector switch does not change anything. Lights don't blink. shows that it is in 2WD High but definitely switches to 4WD Low when turning sharply.
Safe to drive until we can get to a dealer? Only has 68,900 miles on it
AC switches between blowing hot and cold air. Service dept at ford dealer says this is the problem
Solid car, but with 142000 miles on engine, is this wise to do?
happens all the time. no codes only happens when the air is on
after turning out on a busy highway, there was a lound noise and terrible thumpping noise ,drive shaft went to pieces and knocked 2 holes through the floor of the car! the worst experience i have ever had. the auto shop said they had never seen anything like it.The cost to fix is outragous. no parts avaiable, must order direct from factory!would like to know if anyone else has had to replace a driveshaft?
I feel a little hiccup in the engine from time to time but nothing more. What could this be? I have a rebuilt engine and turbo about 1.5 years old, new compressor and clutch so do not expect any issues.
just bought car,seems to be a draw on battery upon hooking/unhooking terminal. muffler also split open..any ideas? return new mass air flow sensor?
Bulb location not shown in manual
I lock the doors with my remote and when I check the car later, the driver side door will be unlocked.
Wires came out of quick disconnect on feulpump and need to know the order to reconnect.
When the car starts it takes a while to cool. When in traffic and sitting idle the car temprature goes up. When you press the gas after a few seconds the car begins to cool again. Never really getting cold. Check the freon level to see if it needs to be recharge, level is fine. Compressor is clear and the fan is blowing.
Stalls out completely in any gear I throw it in and has trouble stay on in park or neutral? It turns on every time I try, if that matters, idk just thought it might be helpful to mention... Thanks again (= Ree