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some days it works and the next it dont she needs help
I recently had a neighborhood mechanic replace the power steering pump, altenator, and radiator fan in my Trooper. Also, he told me my transmission is starting to go bad, and did a "transmission tune-up". My theory is that some mechanics SAY they know how to work on foreign cars, but end up experimenting instead. Could he have done something wrong?
it first started i would go to work, start home it would die on the way home, push it home it would start the next day, go to work get ready to go home, wouldn't start,replaced the crank sensor , now it tries to start but kicks back and backfires.
I took the car to change the alternator and the next day the A/C stopped working. The shop tells me that I need to change the compressor. The car is a Dodge Caliber 2008 2L. I think they damaged it when they changed the alternator. The air was working fine the day before.
We replaced an injector to correct a misfire issue.The vehicle had failed inspection with 2 codes present(PO174 & PO308).We replaced a spark plug & an injector.When the vehicle originally went to inspection readiness monitors were ok but codes were present. We performed our repair, the vehicle was used for a few days(run at various speeds),taken back to inspection and turned down for monitors not ready. Any insights?
Why does the rpm not change?
how do I recharge it
blown engine rod
This is actually a 2.0 manual, has done 40k miles and has been well looked after and not driven esspecially hard.

Had the car for a year and have replaced: MAF, O2 sensor, idle pully, gearbox fluid. Cleaned: MAF, throttle body. Car has been serviced twice in that time.

Issue is: part throttle surging, quite violent jerking on and off the throttle, especially at low revs in low gears, although is apparent in any gear at any speed. The clutch seems to grab as well; when changing down from 3rd to 2nd, the point when the clutch engages is quite violent in that the whole car dips to the ground at the front. Could this be engine mounts?

Absolutely no codes are stored and Mazda have had the car twice and said it's fine.
Makes whirring sound while driving . But it has great power and pull . Maintained regularly . Please help .
casing is opening -- talk to dealership they said probably whole new panel would be needed for this defect -- WHY and why is this something that FORD should not cover instead of putting on owner -- also they said it would be expensive
the light is steady
and ground the valves. but still has low oil,could the afm have anything to do with this
Power steering problems. Noisy, hard to turn, leaking fluid. Suggested that I need to replace the power steering gear. 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe with 115,000 miles. Needing to add power steering fluid often to keep the level required.
Heavy rain. Night. Windshield all fogged up