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it turns over but won't start, I changed the ignition coil, crankshaft sensor, it started up and ran for little while but then it shut off, it turns over but won't start.
replaced ignition lock cylinder and ignition switch
How involved is a transmission shift solenoid repair on 2005 hyundai elantra automatic transaxle?
This problem happens especially when going up slight incline.
doesn't die all the time but is doing it more frequently lately. runs great on the highway, but dies when I have to come to a complete stop and dies sometimes while idling. engine starts back up no problem but hesitates a little and acts as if it wants to die if you give it too much gas.
inside the throttle body the part that operates the baffle is not going all the way back
When I turn or hit some slight bumps while driving, I'm hearing a clicking noise close to the instrument panel on driver side. Similar to a relay click. It seems to be coming from the plastic molding that connects to panel underneath hood seam. Anyone else have same issue?
I replaced the pump, had power steering, my son drove it for 4 hours at high speed not realizing he had no power steering. Then I found a leaking return line. Replaced the line, bled the system, still no good. Replaced the steering rack, bled the system, still nothing. Is it possible the pump was cooked from running it dry? The only thing left to replace is the pressure line, but I'm not losing fluid anymore which leads me to believe it's the pump.
obd code is p0133. any idea on how to fix this. the o2 sensor is only a year old.
check engine lite on and thw coder readout is po743 i looked up what that code meant and found out its the torque converter clutch circuit electrical. how do i fix. ive been told i might have to replace the thrasher cable? but who knows
Also would like to know how much cost would be to repair.
Can I check the switch or do i need an auto electrician?
It was working a few months ago, and i cant think why its stopped. So the bottle is fine and the pump is fine too, but theres no electrical charge getting down to the motor. I just wondered if theres something i can do without paying someone first...
three weeks ago, my timing belt,water pump,passenger side valve cover gasket and my alternator was changed. On Wednesday the dealer will be replacing my driver side valve cover gasket and repair my passenger side CV joint. Mileage on car 50,000 miles.
Been having this problem since I bought the car. Check engine light would come on when car reached a 1/4 tank of gas. The dealer changed the part twice. It is evaporative emission control system pressure sensor high input. The car sometimes will not let me put gas in it. The pump clicks like the tank is full and gas shoots out. dealer changed it again and now the light comes on around half a tank. I only have the problem with the gas shooting out when the light is on and there's less than a 1/4 a tank of gas. He said he bought the part brand new, was wondering if it could be something else causing the part to go bad, but the dealer doesn't seem to think so. Has anyone else had the same problem any advice would be appreciated.