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when it accelerates and when the auto transmission shifts gears. Midas tells me my power steering pump is falling apart from the inside. They said they found that out by using a stetoscope. I have no problem steering the car. My 2 out of town mechanic sons tell me it's the transmission not the power steering pump. Should I take it to the Suzuki dealership?

I went in for an oil change, since I had 60,500 miles on the car, was told I needed a service job. I didn't have the 4 hours to do it, so I only had a filter and oil change done. The bill for a full 60,000 mile service was $1200. Is this the going rate or no?

same thing,ins. said it was not cause by accident, had to buy a new plastic damper to close and open, again, they said it was not cause by accident, it didnt do it before.

Mechanic says it's my starter, i figure at least $100 for starter. he charges $50 an hour

They are for a 2002Hyundai Accent 4-door. Will i be needing some sort of sensor or something. Do I need to buy a new steering wheel with the air bag.

I can't get a inspection tag till this problem is fixed. Please help

from under the hood and what tools do i need

When I start to drive off it reves real high and barely moves until I get to about 15 or 20 mph. Changed tranny fluid and filter. After I changed those two things it ran great. Now its doin it all over again. Once I get goin it shifts like a dream. What do you think

This began after replacing battery.

misfire #6

Changed pcm,fuel pump,relay,fuel filter,tps,map sensor and the car runs the same and oil pump gage is on high

I have a '07 G6 GTP, I have spark, and I have thought is it should go boom...tried ether and still nothing. It will crank but thats it. I used a compression tester and only have 30 lbs of pressure on each cylinder which i believe is supposed to be like 125 lbs. I am most certain it isn't a bent valve so my only other thought is timing. Can anyone tell me if it is computer controlled or is there a belt or chain and how to fix this? Thanks

gets pretty loud, also fan for air will work for a little bit then quits

i bought crv it had abs light on was told thats how comes is that true i looked under hook seen fuse was not there put one in went out for a day then came back on is there reason for that ? and did notice car shakes when you turn left on right is that cause abs locked on or not working ?

only for a short time when turned on after sitting for a period of time, or overnight. The belts Look Good, mechanic advised they did not need replacement yet???