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the interior lights only come on if I turn them on manually also . Is there a sensor somewhere?

91 ford escort lose speed on freways when exhilirating 60 to 70 mphs

it blows every time I put a new one in and turn on the signal lights

an alignment. Does this sound right? I am not thinking so at all. Especially when I am finding a pitman arm alone for only around $40 bucks and the estimate says $80 and the labor cost is $250 for two and one half hours which this is only about an hours worth of work. I may be a disabled woman, but I haven't been disabled long and I sure as hell haven't always been called a "lolie" woman; a tough SOB yes, but not delicate and naive. I worked on small engines myself and these people were trying to pull my chain, or cane I should say :) any thoughts? Oh, and also,I wasn't even sure if this was the problem: the guys that replaced my transmission I found out ended up joy riding in my truck for over 150 miles and this noise (like a slight roaring coming from right under the hump in the floor board in center toward front) was not there until AFTER I picked my truck up so I assumed it was the transmission and had taken it back the next day where I was told it was a bad wheel bearing which was bull because I knew better for one, and for two, they had already been replaced. Could a wheel bearing had even made a roaring sound where I am talking about anyways? Did he think I am that stupid? Any thoughts?

it was broke into with a pry bar and now it wont shut compleatly and latch down on one side.

Truck runs and shifts fine when cold, as motor warms it lacks power, surges, and has shift problems but idle is okay.

The a/c works fine but when it becomes hot outside, the noise gets louder. The max a/c setting on the knob does not work at all either. As you accelerate, the noise gets louder as well.

Is there a fuse for the front passenger seat of 2004 infinity FX35. All of the other buttons work but the one that lends the seat back

Difficulty starting, but not consistent.

Coolant is muddy looking

the car runs fine. no check lights are on. it just wont let me move it into gear unless i wiggle the steering wheel or gently rock my car.

While goin 10 or 15 miles an hour from left wheel

radio just quit. How do I find out if its a fuse and where are the fuses

Just did a head gasket job all new wires and plugs.and replaced coil packs and new fuel filter and checked fuel pressure and all is good and to spec and cleaned the maf sensor..changed num 3 and num 2 sparkplug and now its reading misfire num 1..we need help with this one..we are stumped.

need to replace crank sensor its a dealer item they need vin# for correct sensor my motor was replaced 2yrs ago its out of a 1994 4runner my ? is did the 4runner and sr5 pickup ext cab 4x4 3.0 v6 will the sensor be the same any help will be much appreciated