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Do not work, I check all the thing the book say fuse and all but nothing make the sun shade go up or down. Can you help?

sensor but still have driveability trouble.

I have the 300C AWD. The indecisive tyranny happens mostly before it is warmed up.

I took my car to service at least 3 times, They couldn't figure out what was wrong with my car. They always come up with , My car is running as its designed no problem answer

My Car 2009 Volkwagen Jetta SE 2.5 liter.

I am using Plus Gasoline,

Here is the problem.

1- Whenever I drive over 40 and when I start to decelerate my speed then car's rpm is dropping below 10 suddenly and bouncing back where it was before. Then sometime car jerks.

Also I tested this way,
- When I slow down I switched gear to S(tiptronic) and found out car gear is not going down fast enough to catch up slowness, like car is going with 40 but gear is still in 5 or sometimes 6,

I am trying to remove the hood so I can replace it.

Interior oxidized; need to use repair kit

gear shifter just moves around no gears

My engine turns over and my fuel pump is still working but my injectors are not recieveing the fuel. The truck has sparjs and everything else is working.

lights, music, horn and heat works but it wont start

Uses water too

Last year had A/C checked by third-party and was advised that leak in system--tech unable at that time to locate leak...since it was summer-time I had system recharged then (realizing problem would repeat at sometime)... during the past three to four months noticed degradation in both heating and A/C. Have taken into dealership and was advised of leak in evaporator core...had cooler dryer, evaporator sub-assembly, and expansion valve replaced...freon recharged and I was assured that systems were working properly. Picked up vehicle and no problems for approximately 24 hours...vehicle began to blow non-cooled air and reduced heated air again--this was on auto setting for either heat or A/C. Following week took back to dealership and was advised that system had not been "evacuated" properly and there was a blockage in the system...corrective action supposedly taken and A/C and heat appeared to be operating better. Within one week I was back to a system which is not functioning to my satisfaction. Planning to take back in to dealer and hopefully the third time will be the charm. Curious if anyone else has had a similar experience with their 2005 Prius?

Do I have to remove the door panel to replace the door switch

Put the window down. Now it's not going back up.

have changed the air and fuel filter, plugs, wires and rotor cap

replace high beam relay