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I have a 2007 Chevy Cobalt with bare bone basics. The car rides fine, coolant level is were it should be, air filter is good, and gas cap is on properly. Could gasoline with a different blend and a higher octane amount cause this?
How do I gain access to the bulb ?
What is the lightening bolt in parenthacies ( ) light mean on the instrument cluster?
When I turn the key on the dash lights do not come on allowing me to start the engine. This doesn't happen initially on a cold start but any starting thereafter . There is no sound and I have to sit there 2, 3 up to 5 minutes then all of a sudden the lights come on and I can start the truck. Any ideas?? Truck has been totally reliable since new.
what is the problem and what suggestion can help do have
I've checked the gas cap, air filter, and coolant levels. All of these are fine, so could it be from gasoline with a high level or grade of octane?
we replaced the thermostat didn't help any ideas?
use to work then everything quit?
can you please help me
It sputters at a stop then dies, it starts back up but hat does the lightening bolt in parenthacies( ) mean?
replaceing center bearing and cant seperate drive shaft
Today and check engine light came on. I read the codes with my pocket obd2 scanner and it detected 8 codes ranging from po131 po107 po401and po307. Please help. Po401 is the egr valve. It is brand new. I am hard working and seems that when i get ahead something else happens. I am a liscensed electrician and am willing to trade work for any help that comes my way. Please help
cruise control quit working and no volume on fm only?
worked great yesterday. This morning would not start. Nothing left on. Turn key and nothing at all first couple of attempts. Let sit about 5-7 minutes and tried again and it acted like it may want to crank once, but then nothing. Also after this no lights not even dome light would come on. Checked for lose battery cable. after checking cables it did the same as before. It would almost crank once, but then nothing. Also the dome light worked after I checked cables, but when I tried starting it again then no dome light. Please advise.