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I replaced the belt at 49,000 mile. It is now 99,000 miles?
switch/control lever and cant remember what goes where? I have a thick beige wire, a medium blue and green wire and a thin dark brown. On the lever switch behind their is an H and M and a B. nothing on the 4th connection. Can you tell me about it? and the same wires leed into the glove compartment and go into a small cardboard like flat unit on the back wall of the glove compartment. what is that?
when I turn on thr air it blows nothing but heat why
if its my relay how do i test it?
I don't really know bout this car cause its used just trying to get this car together
no problem when started
a second or two. We replaced the bttery and starter. What would cause this?
local shop doing work
My fuel gauge moves up to full when my tank is half full and sometimes drops to read empty when tank is half full
I recently required a repair and replacement of a rear main seal on my 2006 Accord on August 10, 2013 at a cost of $930.00. At this time I had approximately 104.5K miles on my automobile. I started noticing oil stains on my garage floor after having power steering kit replacement from a factory recall. This was a proximally at 96,500 miles. At first I thought this was power steering fluid that was leaking from a loose power steering hose fitting. However, to my dismay it was found that this was engine oil and not power stirring fluid. I had this checked out approximately 1.5 weeks after the power steering kit replacement and I was told that there were some droplets of fluid seen around the oil pan. I was also instructed to observe for any increase oil leakage from the car over the course of the next month. It seemed to slow down, however after another thousand miles, more oil was found leaking from the car. The car was brought into the Honda dealership for inspection and was found to have a leaking rear main seal. I asked the service rep if this is something that is common at this mileage. And I assume that it started at approximately 96,000 miles, since this was the first sign of oil leaking noted on my garage floor. Therefore my question is, is this unusual for a rear main seal to becoming faulty at this low mileage or is this commonly found with Honda engines. The service rep did point out that it is somewhat unusual that this would occur at my low mileage. He did state” that usually I see this when there is 130K Miles or more on this model”. Could it be that the rear main gasket was faulty. Or could it also be related to the engine oil breaking down the rubber components of the gasket. In addition I have had my care services at the same dealership for the last 2 years using Honda OEM products including motor oil. Do I have a case with regards to warranty on the drivetrain and that I should report this Honda Motor Corporation. I now have approximately 106K my vehicle and I continue to smell burning motor oil as well a coolant odor. I’m not sure what to make of this unless there is something leaking above regarding seals gaskets however I had my hundred thousand mile maintenance with water pump replacement as well as timing belt and valve adjustment which included new gaskets and there is no other evidence of fluids leaking at this time. I would appreciate your input on this especially if it’s something that I should notify Honda Motor Corporation about. Thank you for your time

Roger Skebelsky
stearing wheel shakes,feel's like the tire coming off?
I took my van to Honda and they told me that the CV Axel Shafts needed to be replaced and so i replaced them. However, the noise did not go away. Next, i was told that the noise would go away by replacing the struts/mounts. But this too did not get rid of the problem and now i am out of nearly $3,000 trying to correct the problem.
Sometimes it has a rough time starting but eventually starts after a couple cranks. Runs fine doesn't hesitate or nothing
tranny fluid seems fine and color ok. gears slipping when accelarting along with whining. at 40mph rpms go up to 4-5
will bring to have filter and fluid checked but preparing for the worst... any suggestions
in a nutshell. I got a code 300 on the check engine which is inconsistent misfire. Shop said it was spark plugs. They wanted $230.00 to change them I said hell no I didn't. Change the plugs and wires and two of the ignition coils had already been changed due to failure on the coils part. Still got the engine code. What's been told I needed to replace the third ignition coil. Again shop wanted way too much. I pulled up to the parts store to get a new one. After having already taken the old one out cleaned it and put it back in the car store and I. But when I put in the new one at the parts house the car started for about 3 seconds like hell then died. Car is still at the parts house. It will not start it just keeps acting like it wants to what is either not getting signal through ignition relay starter relay or when applying the gas A vacuum noise Thanks is present like its not getting any fuel I need help not sure why it wont start.and sorry if this reads weird voice to text still new.