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Checked battery,

I have replaced bulbs and switch the front blinks when turned on the blinker on dash blinks really fast

replaced the hub bearing and noticed that the stabilizer bar was disconnected . replaced the bushings on both sides. ran fine for about 700 miles - then can the wobble. lifted the car and checked the hub bearings and tie rod ends- there was no play. anything that I may have missed ?? Please help !!!!

The dashboard showed the emergency parking light, stability control light and engine light all at the same time. Also, in the center it said service stability system where the car menu information is.

why am i blowing fuse every couple of days , already have gone through 6 fuse it blows mt ac system

the only runs on left side turn car off unplug left coils start car on right side turn car off plug left side coils in and restart car runs on all 6 at that point turn car off restartedand car only runs on left side once again

I need to replace the wiper link that hold the wiper blades in place or position

the engine will not start and i m thinking i may have cross the cam shafts up

the fan blow but no ac I tried every do it yourself thing need help

The light just came on today and the engine made a whining sound when started.

I used factory parts and wiring was installed. I can't find the relay for the lights, any idea?

i need to know how many sensor to buy.

it hard to start and there is gas fule pump is working what less could it be

I am wanting to know what i need to buy... And where to buy it?

Wife got stranded when she heard loud rattling noise and noticed coolant from under front of engine. Then we saw that serpentine belt runs off of water pump-fan pulley. When I put belt back on and re-tension, it runs 1-2 way off as soon as I start the engine. Possible for pulley to come loose and tilt down under pressure?