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the check engine light keeps coming on
I had a P0300 multi misfire code, I changed the spark plugs, wire set, fuel filter, air filter and cleaned the throttle body and the code went away, but is still idling rough and stalling when I come to a stop sign. I checked the fuel pressure and that is running normal. I then checked the vacuum lines for leaks and found none. I am not sure where to turn next.
Need to add a liquid that requires it being poured only into thst area
All forward gears stopped working but reverse still works fine. Could this be a problem with electric controls?
I changed the fuel filter, spark plugs and wiring. The check engine light is on and the transmission light comes on when driven. When I restart the engine the transmission light is off. I have not taken the
car in to check the diagnostic codes.
may have cracked 5 lead going into distributor.
checked oil filter and plug looks like oil pan seal how hard to replace
allowed truck to warm up fan blows but no heat. checked for that is fine coolant that was fine.
So I recently replaced an a/c compressor, put steering fluid in, engine coolant, free-on, a new idler and new fan. I took my manifold off to get to the a/c compressor and think maybe I messed up the o2 censor wires. But anyways the car now shakes when you accelerate it and the speedometer doesn't even move, the rpm stays at about 800rpm when in park and it works fine in reverse though. Also when in drive if I don't try to accelerate it backs up on its own when in drive. Any help on the problem?
I can feel a couple of relays in the fuse panel clicking much like turn signal flashers
I have a large leak code, had a leak test done with no leaks what
he has a leak coming out of the break booster.
the abs motor activates for about 1 sec. when i push the brake pedal to take the truck out of gear and on initial application while driving and slowing down but not hard braking. the dealer said it needed Master cylinder/ABS assembly ($2400 plus $300 labor). It stops fine otherwise, and no trouble light. There may have been a code, but they didn't give it to me.
P1780 Check Engine light code
I had my vehicle parked at my stall and all of a sudden my neighbor came and told me my horn is going off. Even when I was driving, I accidently went over a pot hole and my horn starts going off again, I had to hit my horn several times in order for stop. Can you help?