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My temp. needle gauge would stay at 90. When i ran the diagnostic i got a code p1296 so i assumed it was the coolant sensor because i have no symptom that i have a bad thermostat. I have hot heat,car does not overheat, mileage same. I changed the sensor 24 hr ago after my needle gauge started working right, but today i notice the check engine light still does this mean its the thermostat ? If not what else could it be ?
on start up
On instrument panel it shows air bag malfunctioned, wipers will not turn off.
It's 10 degrees here didn't know if that changes anything. Haven't locked the wheel. If there's a way to start it and drive with the key and the wheel locking that could help to
truck has shifting problems , I am changing out the shift solenoid , I was told there are two components the shift solenoid (govenor pressure solenoid) and the govenor pressure tranducer, however no one has the transducer I have the truck apart , will changing the shift solenoid be enough? or do or is the tranducer a must. Please advise
Im looking to buy a ram 2500 with the 5.7 hemi and 5 speed automatic tranny. four wheel drive. everything is stock on it. What kind of fuel mileage would this get. The guy says around 19 highway but im not sure about it. thanks for your help.
i have a GMC sierra 1500 I've change the switch twice an change the actuator three time an am still getting the service 4wd message i check online to find the answer an it's the the same thing change the actuator
and the actuator three time an it still not responceing when am drive an the service 4wd message is coming up
It flickers on and off at random times
I've replaced the fuel pump twice and the wiring harness that connects to the pump this last time. It worked great for about 5 hours, then wouldn't kick on. After sitting a couple days it started for about 10 minutes and quit again. is this a sensor or wiring issue? Please help
I just replaced the transmission control unit.
what would cause the engine to crank but not start. Tried starting fluid.
The engine just cranks
1999 Chevy Silverado 1500...I replaced the dash buttons and front axle actuator. Problem is that when button in 2WD the front drive shaft turns but not axles or tires. When button in 4WD the front shaft will not turn. When I manually turn front tires the axle turns also but not shaft. ( seems like things are switched around ) . I tried to get it to flip flop again but not much luck.
Just today, a low growl(sounds like a grumpy cat noise) sound started emitting from my engine bay. The sound is present at idle and also while driving. The sound speeds up and slows down with engine RPM (but the volume level does not go up). I think it may be one of the serpentine components but hard to tell which one. No codes, no diagnostic lights present.