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drove car to work. I put it in park. could not get it out of park without using the release at the bottom

sometimes it will come back to bright but most of time is dim(with lights on!)

One i'm looking at has 100k miles now.

All new sensors {cam, crank & air mass }. New dist., plugs & wires. Also new tps control mod. It did this once before and I found that when the oil was serviced that they had changed the air filter & never re-tightened the clamps on the air supply hose. {Trick of the trade move to get you to come back} Not the case this time

just bought this used, had the ABS, Ebrake & Traction control lights on and the dealer repaired this, when I picked up they said to drive it and it would stop the code once it got used to it. I drove about 60+ miles and it stills read service stability sytem. My warranty runs out in 3 days and I don't know how much I should drive before it resets.

when it feels like it can you please give me information

What could the problem be now, as I understand the pulley and clutch come as part of the compressor replacement. This happens only when AC is on, the sound varies with RPMs and load, and is pretty regular when the AC is on throughout a drive.

What could b the problem? Starter solenoid

Possible cable problems as there was slack cable hanging out at back of door opening

My ac compressor is turning on and the refrigerant is good (high pressure on the low side), but the air is hot, fans all working(tested high and low) and the exchanger is turning from hot to cold. When I run cold water on the condenser coil it turns the air cold. so i know the compressor is working at least.

I am planning to buy a Used Mit' Gallant which has 105k miles on it and the car's engine sounds good. No noise, no leaks. The A/c works good and the interior is clean. Except the owner tell's me there is some problem with the shocks to the left side which makes some noise when it goes over a bump. I test drove it and also hear the noise but wasn't entirely sure what it was. It didn't last long it was no recurrent. I like the car and want to buy it but the scare off replacing the shocks is keeping me from buying the car. I was told it might cost 1000$ for replacing the shocks. is that True? also much would new brakes cost? I felt the brakes were not efficient on the freeway as it was slipping in gaps!!! HELP! Am I making the wrong choice?

Someone broke into my car to steal my radio and cut all my wires in my dash. Now my car wont start. Can someone tell me how to fix her. The dash light are on but alarm light not flashing....

Every time when I press the Paddle. The mechanic told me it was a Manifold exhaust system. It's a loud screeching noise.

I was driving and suddenly the radio along with the entire MFD quit working. The MFD is Black, the radio will not power up and the mirrors will not function. Checked all fuses under hood and they seem to be fine. What else could be wrong here?

Interested in how usual this is. The total repair cost is $$4100 parts plus labor of $1300. I have kept my car in good condition, always bring in for maintenance and repair. It has 130,000 miles, mostly freeway driving.