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If coolant/antifreeze is empty, will it cause to give p1580 error code. In the dash board display, it is showing ASR, occ. skid and also it showed coolant low symbol.
Service 4wd light is on, selector won't go into 2wd, stuck in 4whi. Replaced selector, motor, actuator, now I need to locate transfer case control module.
I have changed the canister vent solenoid located by the fuel tank
noticed engine is not starting up properly, smelled antifreeze after I shut off car so checked engine .seen water reservoir was low on water and oil was way overfull and I have not changed or added any oil. is that a problem?
I was driving home from work and was going between 45 and 50 MPH, when I heard a slight pop. From there the engine seemed to have cut off, and all the dash lights popped on. I then slipped the car into neutral and tried to start it but it sounded like the starter was not engaging it just whirled. I then popped the hood looked and on the driver side of the engine I could see a pulley had melted through the dust cover below the timing belt. Once I got it pulled back to the house I pulled off the dust cover to find that the Timing belt tensioner bolt had worked its way out and popped off, allowing for the timing belt to slip off. Repositioned the crank and the cams to align with the marks on the block installed a new bolt for the tensioner and put the timing belt back on. Now when I turn the key to attempt to start it there is a clicking sound from the throttle body and the car just whirls. The starter is engaging as I watched the pulleys move as we attempted to start the car. It is like it is not getting any spark or fuel. Every so often it will pop in the exhaust. I unplugged the EFI fuse and the clicking stopped. I traced the clicking down to a piece that I do not know the name of just below and behind the intake hose on the throttle body. Please help this is my work car and my wife really needs her van for the kids while I am at work and I don't like leaving her without a way to go.
Thank you for your time.
fan will run if I bypass module
During my drive up from Branson to Springfield a loud bang came from engine in shifting and then smoke blew out of my exhaust and engine. I believe I cracked my engine block? If so how much is it to repair?
When I start the SUV, it doesn't air up, so it rides awful.
After I start it it will rough idle for a bit and then stall.
i was getting my brakes bleeded in my friend did it the lazy way by turning my steering wheel with engine on , so he could get to the bleeder screw - now my steering wheel wont turn back to its center position - i have to help it sometimes-- it does spin back around but just not as far as it should- it seem like i have to turn the wheel even more just to get it to turn -- what did he mess up on my steering wheel???
this car is not a acclaim or a2.5
its a plymouth sundance and a 2.2
i hooked a scanner to my car and it said DTC: 17
1: coolant system temperature remains below normal(cars 1985-97)
(trucks/vans) 1987-97)(jeeps1993-97)
2. knock sensor circuit problem
(1985-86 turbo vehicles only)

1: so what should i do for coolant system?
and 2: what should i do about my knock sensor? does my car even have a knock sensor?
any help would be great. thank you.
My car was fine. Earlier I tried going in to town but my car felt different. The rpms were high on start and also got higher as I tried driving over 35mph. When slowing down it felt like I had the park brake on. I just got the car about two weeks ago its an 07 dodge charger v6. Also the malfunction light was on a couple times a few days ago. Thank You
my car wont start, does it have something to do with my computer?
Took it to autozone to read computer. Just said multiple misfires. Drove to work, got off work will not start.
I changed a few parts on my car eg. valves, fuel pump and i also removed my cat converter and now my car starts but wont gas up it does not go anywhere no matter how much i gas up.