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is it the seat belt or air bags?

I changed the heater motor and now when it rains water is coming in thru the motor around

everything has been checked firing, fuel,compression but it will not start it just backfires but never starts

And why wont it pick up speed?

won't start, still clicking

when I turn on the A?C it blows for a while and suddenly it starts making a loud noise and no air comes out the vents

key is very hard to turn have to jiggle it like crazy. new help replacing lock cylinder and programing help

sounds like a vacuum leak it will die on me but after going forward its ok but will choke down a little

Windows and locks will not work as well.

When I went to start the car it didn't turn right over when it did start when I drove it, it started sputtering and I just don't know what to do...

Hi. On my Honda Civic 2.2cdti ES I get a grinding noise from the back end when cold and doing a tight turn. It is still there when warmed up but hardly noticable. Has anybody else had this and what is the cure. Has the diff oil had its day and want changing. The car has done 103,000 miles. Thanks.

no codes just I need to know what head pressure it should be at when charging the system

I have an 05 Equinox. The brake pedal started to pulsate at slow speeds and the ABS and Traction Control Light came on. Hooked the scanner to it and it showed code C0036. (left front wheel speed sensor circuit problem). I replaced the left front wheel bearing hub assembly, cleared the code, and 2 days later same thing happened. I thought I may have gotten a bad hub assembly, so I replaced it again. Same thing happened again, so what is the problem?

on board conputor reads restricted performance plus yellow light displayed not red light

yellow light displayed