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oil leak, what can I do, is ther a product to help stop this?

This morning while idling my check engine light came on. Checked the codes to be p0120 and p0770, or throttle position sensor and the E solenoid. After I read the codes I reset them and then went and did a complete fuel system and automatic transmission flush, as well as changed out my differential oil (it was pretty dark instead of water like). After the fuel system cleaning my sometes erratic idle went away. Could all of this fixed the issue? On a side note, I was getting horrible gas mileage for the past month or so.

They worked at 1st but just went out one night.

We bought this car three month ago with mileage about 64K.
About month ago we find out that it needs service 'D'.
We tried to find over the internet what is this and how much it cost. At least to know what to be ready for.
Is this a good idea to safe some money and do it and other then MB shop?
We appreciate any information.

I've checked with a CodeScout 700 code reader and there aren't any codes showing. The engine will start with the code reader plugged in and seems to run fine but still won't start when I unplug the reader. With the engine running there are still no codes. I've checked with a test light all fuses under the hood and the dash. All check okay.

2002 dodge ram 3500 cummins automatic.truck wont start unless I jiggle the shifter on the column. replaced neutral safety switch didn't help. about 50% of the time it starts just fine. is there some kind of safety switch in the column? anyone have any ideas?

You can start it by tapping the key and won't start in park. Its sounds as if its hitting the flywheel and is always engaged.
Took the old starter off it was burnt up put new one on still does the same thing. Any ideas?

Engine idles fine. When driving along, if I have to brake sharply or 50% of the time when I come to a complete stop at a junction, engine will cut out. Always starts straight up and will idle indefinitely, but again, driving along, at the next complete stop, it cuts out.

Have changed plugs, leads, distributor cap, in and out of the mechanics a million times and they don't know what the problem is. Now they are suggesting timing chain, or a bad valve. Any ideas anyone?

Do not know name of switch. Cannot find online. Switch is jammed and winter is coming on !!

eng failsafe prog on the message center,and eng wont crank

2.7L diagram of firing order

My gas lights is on and check engine light is on

We have a 2004 toyota sienna xle AWD and the heat only blows hot on the passenger side. The ac blows cold as ice on both sides and in the back. But when we turn the heat on it just blows cold air on the drivers side front. We are clueless!!

This has strange head lights they have heavy wire leads instead of blades. The 4 light systems I'm use to high beam all 4 lights are on.

it don't cut off though but a wrench looking symbol be flashing over top of the mileage when this occurs but when i turn car off and start it back up, the problem goes away. Could someone please tell me what needs to be fix?