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Has new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, catalytic converter. Has good fuel press. So far no DTCs are listed. Z eng. code
cant find them
motor dies when you push the gas all the way to the floor. Will not respond. All the lights on dash light up. You can shut the key off, restart, as long as it's warmed up, it will run.
Puddle of oil under car everyday and am adding about 4 quarts a week
the driver side door can only be open from the inside not the outside.
I am interested in buying a 08 hybrid yukon 116000 .it has a new factory installed original not rebuilt motor
.thinking that's a good thing .
A few days ago I noticed the battery light on my dashboard came on and it has every day since, but I have a meter that plugs into the cigarette lighter and after a while it goes form 11.7 to 14.5 and stays that way. Can you help me?
I must add that I have jumped the battery twice before driving the van.
won't pick up speed in drive
I accelerate and it seem like it don't wanna go due I need my solenoid clean are exhaust system by the converters clean can u help me tire being broke with this vehicle
the service light is on in my car the code is po705. how do I fix this. where is the switch located. can I do this my self
new one seems real tight to insert into fuel rail
I know i can over tighten them
I have replaced the radiator,hoses,cap,thermostat,pressure tested the system and it was within spec.,leak-down test the cylinders,compression tested,tested block for hydrocarbons and all was fine so what else can it be?
My Mini Cooper electronic shift malfunction light came on and I'm concerned because I'm a road trip what should I do? How bad could it be?
has new battery and starter