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Coolant is collecting on the sump
top rad hose cool fan is on t-stat factory new with new wtr pump & tmg belt new radiator but eng seem cool top hose gets hot when stat opens feel hot air from fan when top hose warm but this is intermit issue is there a problem with air pockets? or could this be a false signal due to electrical issue.
I am replacing the fixed (non- adjustable) track bar in the rear suspension. Removing only takes 2 bolts I have removed the one by the wheel which connects to the fixed and adjustable one. My problem is when i go to remove the other bolt it is located inside the rear cross memberand i was able to take the nut off but when you try to pull out the bolt to remove track bar the bolt hits the gas tank before it will come out. Do I simply lower the one side of the gas tank to allow the bolt to come out and if so how do i do that?
There is a lot of white smoke from exhaust. I thought the powertrain control module would start the regen when the truck is in park with emergency brake on
welding winch on jeep , disconnected ground wire finished welding reconnected ground wire, would not start no fire no fuel, replaced coil, checked plugs for fire, checked cam sensor, no luck.
I bought the car last weekend, so this is the first time I've filled it up with gas. The fuel filler door opened just fine, but now it won't close. I've tried applying a lot of pressure, holding it closed, and toying with the lever. I'm wondering if a part fell out when I opened the door? I would appreciate any help you could give!
Leaking under thermostat. Pooring out of black hose that is used for heat protection. Can I cut that? is there an easier place to disconnect the hose?
No key turn over no spark
I recently bought a used 2006 Kia Sedona with 94,000 miles on it. Now I realize that my timing chain is defiantly loose at startup for a few seconds until enough hydraulic pressure builds up on the tensioner. Now that I know the problem should I have the engine pulled and have the timing chain and the tensioner replaced or is this an issue that can be ignored for 50,000 miles?
I have now solved the previous problem which was broken wires under the air box in the loom. It now won't start after running, so for instance you stop to re-fuel get back in the car, start the engine it won't start. You have to wait for it to drop to below 70 degrees.
Other than that it runs really well, no fault codes are showing.
Cylinder head need to repair,misfire number #4,smell fumes gas.
I got my car fix in 2011 the air bag has to be replace and I just want to know that could be some they did wrong that could make this leak?
It broke from the inside and he outside which I have will not let me glue it on I tried. The Nissan people here in Lake City, FL want to charge me 65.00 to glue it on or replace the whole door handle the door still opens, but it leaks where he broke is missing now. I have a warranty that I purchased from Mastercraft which is a company that says the warranty won't pay for the broke part. Does Nissan warranty broke door handle?
The window comes down easily, but does not go up unless I move the button around and find a spot that makes contact. I do not know how to get access and expose the contacts so I can clean them.
I know about the four bolts the is holding the fun to the pump but they are very tied and I need to remove the fun clutch first.