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The car belongs to a friend. she was driving it to work and it died leaving her stranded with no lights. i was able to get it to start and drive it home after changing the battery but it soon became clear that the alternator was not charging properly. Now this it where im at, after changing the alternator it simply will not start. the engine cranks, has spark, the pump primes but will not start. Iv checked all the fuses iv checked the battery post. There are no codes I am stumped. Anything helps Thanks.

Occurs when truck is running

No fire to plugs, and fuel pump cuts off after a few seconds.

this problem occurs averagely six occasions in a day, on some occasions prevents smooth movements while engine starts stays on normally

When starting my 2006 xBit cranks for an extended amount of time before catching. It always starts but it tends to take longer than it should. Sometimes when the engine is warm it will start immediately. The battery has been replaced spark plugs have been replaced feel system cleaned yet the problem persists. I've been told it could be an issue with airflow control. I've been told it sounds like the engine has been leaned out that it's getting too much air.

Has Subaru done anything to fix the sticking latch on hatchback

is the keeper ring right or left hand threds

Can some put the part number used for the Equinox Model 2006,.

I took the motor from my 96 2.2L automatic and put it in my 96 standard car. This car has less factory electronics under the hood, therefore some of the vacuums are different. I have two vacumms pluged off now. The check engine light stays on w/wo them plugged off. The code for oxygen/ fuel mixture regulator comes up. But, this car doesn't have the elec. Plug for that device.

oil and filter change done by dealer 12 months ago using Castrol systhetic oil. Since then, we have driven only 1600 miles, wondering if I should now change the oil even with such low mileage?

is it normal for head lamps or head lamp to have considation in them dealer says yes and no warranty

is this normal for this car or any car for that matter

I noticed a drip on my driveway and could not figure out where it was coming from. Had it checked at they found the crack. The radiator appears to be made out of hard plastic. Can the radiator be replaced with stronger material or do I need to replace it with the same plastic?

Engine going off while warming the car in the morning or while on slow motion like trying to climb a bump. It happened about three times.

had the truck pluged into computer and is not reading any codes or 4wd at all what could be the problem checked grounds and im at a loss now of what to do