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has to do with shifting issue 4r70 transmission
Car would move about 20 mph and finally won't start. First problem like this.
a garage door opener
i replace the cluster after battery was replaced and the cluster dont read any gauge
At the top sliding hinge. The door you can lift up and it has movement about 1 inch or so. The other door does not have this. Is this a adjustment issue or is something wore out? Thanks for the help.
ok so i took out my starter and got it tested. its fine. replace and cleaned battery terminals. rmoved grounds to clean and retighten down. i still get the single click and no turn over. ive been told that the starter isnt getting enough power to push out and engage. could the contacts in the solenoid prevent this? im going to replace all the negtive/grounds with slightly bigger wires to see if this works but so far nothing.the relay is good. battery is great. all electrical works while key is turned. i do get a slight dim of the dash when i try to start but dont think its been affecting it. i need some professional toyota help here. shes my every day driver and im in the army. i need her to be reliable and not have to worry about being late to duty because she doesnt want to cooperate. oh btw she starts with a single turn from time to time but theres plenty of times when ill have to sit there for hours. its embarrasing. please help guys.
ford replace the pedals because of grease leakage. Now the pedals make noise more when it is cold outside. the mechanic says pedals should not have been replace but now I have the noise that the mechanic can not hear. sometimes it drowns out the radio. my kids and wife can here it. does anyone know a solution? I have been told it may be low of grease but I feel like the ford mechanics don't know how to repair it so they act like they don't hear the noise. it makes the noise when I push the brake pedal.
car starts but idles rough. takes 3or4 seconds for tach and gauges to come on, then engine shuts off.
can hear fuelpump/relay(?)buzzing.
engine cranks but wont turn over
I just replaced the thermostat, thinking the leak was there but its not. Not sure where the water pump is located but the leak seems to be coming for a high position. It looks like the drips are concentrated just under the tension pulley, or slightly to the left of it, kind of hard to see. I only noticed the problem because my fans kept turning on. Then one day the temp guage rose about 3 quarters of the way, then dropped back down to mid way point. Fans blow cold air when they are on, but thats as long as there is coolant present. I hope its just the water pump.
If you start the car and drive right away it'll run normal for about a min and the almost sounds like I loose a cylinder
I've replaced everything except the proportioning valve
I have 4x4 what do I have to change, 98 has 95hp and 2001 to 2004 has 155hp
The gas gauge reads empty after just being filled and after about 1/4 the tank is gone, it will finally read correctly. We were also having issues with starting the car. We needed to push on the gas while trying to start it to make it start sometimes. We had the fuel pump replaced and the gauge still wont work.