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where can i get a diagram for the front steel brake lines for a 1997 dodge ram 1500 truck 4x4 i think i have them in the wrong places
Battery is brand new (2days old) 13.2v. With engine running 14+ volts. Brand new battery, K40 relay module,
& starter relay. Without charger, all dash light come on (clicking & buzzing under hood) but no sound when trying to start ( no dimming of lights). Connect battery charger, put in charging mode, within 15 sec. hear a click under hood (passer. Side) car will start and run fine. Disconnect charger, turn engine off, then restart immediately, car will start. Turn engine off 2nd time, then try restart ( without charger) car will not start. It is a 2001 Mercedes Benz SLK230 Kompressor .
i turn switch all the way up nothing ,they do not work in any position
Last week while slowing down, my car jolted- as if the transmission was switching gears. I had a mechanic run a diagnostic test and it came back with code P700. The car is at a shop right now and I am not sure what to expect but would like to be prepared when they call. Please advise with some possible causes and the expense involved with correcting this issue. Thank you!
I have a 96 Toyota Corolla. Ot has been running fine then all of a sudden as I was coming to a stop exiting the interstate it started having a bad idle and stalling. I've drove it like this for a few days now and have noticed it only starts idling bad after the engine warms up and the longer I drive the worse the idle gets. I had a head gasket job done right after I bought the car and at that time the valves and all where checked as well. Someone I know had me leave the engine running and pulled the plug wires one at a time and on cylinder 3 there was no change in the engine when the wire was removed, OTHER than bad compression could anything else cause this, like bad plugs, plug wires etc??? Could I possi ly use sea foam to try and free anything up if something ia stuck?
My ignition was changed can I used my old key for my car
Nissan Maxima randomly wont start, no noise lights radio dash all work perfectly. Got new starter and Battery, Alternator tested good. Idk what it could be this happens daily and eventually it starts after 20-30 mins sumtimes must wait 45 mins b4 it start. Also notice P (parking) and N (Neutral) not shown on dash when it wont start. Mechanics cant fix cuz problem doesnt happen while Im at the shop so they can check it out. Any advice???
I heard a loud bang going 70 on highway and pulled over got towed to a dealership. Got home with rental and noticed a line of fluid when I drove away being drive shaft broke. I am worried there are more serious issues with New car.
I have a 2001 Toyota Camry. My check engine light came on and threw this code. My car runs great. Plenty of power and now problems at a idle. I pulled the her valve and cleaned it. Not much carbon build up. Check engine light back on with the same code. With the car running fine does that help indicate what the problem might be?
My 2004 dodge ram has a clicking with the throttle body and relay when the key is off. Its does not stop and kills the battery. Open and closes.
No code after I disconnected the battery and charged it.
91 Chevy 1500 2wd with 4 in lift with 15 in wheels the front tire rub on the brake now on can I fix this
I had been driving the car for about two hours on 10/17/2017. On my way back home and turning onto my street, I start hearing this loud ticking or tapping sound. I parked the car, listen to see where it was coming from. I noticed a faint smell of rubber burning or a wire...not sure. I quickly turned the engine off got out of the car. The sound was coming from under the hood. The car has very low mileage (36,417). In July 2017, oil change, fluids checked and purchased 4 new tires, brakes are good, no squeaking, rubbing, no check engine or service messages etc., did not appear. Thanks for the help!
I have my aunt's 1991 Lincoln Continental with 11000 original miles :) It seems to work well apart from the ride control. The light comes on, the alarm beeps and the car is a low-rider!! (i.e. it doesn't rise up to ride level) The compressor starts as soon as the ignition is on. What to check first? We put it up on the lift and the bags appear to be in great shape. We can't hear any obvious leaks. We connected the code reader to see if there were any registered faults and all we get is a power steering pressure switch code. Can you advise where to start? We figure either the compressor isn't making air or there is a massive leak somewhere. Maybe disconnect the compressor and see if we can actuate the bags with shop air?
Service engine light is on but noticed there is also a service vehicle light which is not on
truck looses power when trying to start it. All battery connections and grounds art good. What can cause the loss of power under the dash and then in a few minutes, return power?